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Whenever I meet new people I get nervous and start talking nonstop about myself so that after a 10 minute conversation I've usually learned nothing more than their name. So, let's try that shall we?


I'm normally called Andrea and I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband, two kids, a cat and a large amount of yarn.


When my daughter was six weeks old (August 2011) I joined Weight Watchers (again) and lost 18kg, 30kg in total from the day I had my baby. It took me 33 weeks, and I started working for the company as a leader almost straight away. My weight was 63kg, I weighed almost 15kg less than when I got married and the same as I did at 16! Life was pretty sweet.


In February of this year our son (currently four) was diagnosed as severely autistic and my neatly placed house of cards came crashing down. I didn't plan meals, I didn't shop properly, I ate everything in sight in between crying fits. To add insult to injury our daughter was also diagnosed as autistic, albeit a milder varient that her brothers. I just want to make clear that I don't plan to use my childrens conditions as an excuse to wallow in pity and booze and Tim Tams. I don't even like Tim Tams.


I'm currently 67.9kg (that was this morning's weigh in) and not particularly impressed with myself.


I'm coming to the Rebellion as someone who knows what she has to do and know that there's no reason she can't succeed. My biggest problem has always been motivation, and a deep abiding loathing of exercise. However, I have on my side the greatest partner in crime in my husband who I sent to Nerd Fitness with the proviso "Read up on this and tell me we can do it". His enthusiasm was fantastic, with the result that we've both started a paleo based diet today (I'll eventually wean myself off my coffee addiction) and the two of us getting up early to exercise - me off and sprinting with the 20 minute interval training and my poor husband trying to execute the beginner body weight workout with a very interested two-year old trying to assist.


What do I want from here? I want to be able to run 5km with my dad. I want to be less tired and more active. I want to wake up without a feeling of dread each morning. I want to be awe inspiring.


What am I bringing to this? Stubbornness. Personal knowledge of success. The ability to quote Princess Bride from the opening computer game noises to the closing music. A mind so flexible I can pull it out of my ears and tie it under my chin. Oh, and a Sonic Screwdriver toothbrush.


Bring. It.

"Sir, your truth would cure deafness." ~ Reginald D. Hunter

(Pssst! I like knitting. Do you like knitting too? Here's my knitting. Look! It's knitting!)

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Woohoo! Welcome!


I can appreciate an appreciation of The Princess Bride.

It sounds like you're definitely in the right place, and it's great that your husband is on board and running this race with you. Now, as long as you don't both quit on the same day, you'll never quit! Most excellent.


Congrats on your renewed dedication to your goals, and welcome again!

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Thanks for the welcome! 


There was a routine swap today, so I was on the beginner body weight workout and Felix was on HIIT. My body hurts now (but in a good way, I guess) and picking up my two year old is nigh on impossible! 


But we're still feeling good!

"Sir, your truth would cure deafness." ~ Reginald D. Hunter

(Pssst! I like knitting. Do you like knitting too? Here's my knitting. Look! It's knitting!)

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