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How to lose fat without losing weight


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Hi everyone!


Maybe it's a silly question, but I never have thought that way before, so I'm a bit confused about it.

I wanna lose some body fat (going from approx. 23 % to something around 19 %). But I think I don't wanna lose weight.


I'm a 29 year old woman, between 132 and 136 pounds (60-62 kg) - I hate my scale, so no accurate numbers - and, as I mentioned before, 23 % bf. I exercise almost everyday, two to four times Kung Fu Class (for three years now) and started lifting weights two to three times (NROL4W - just 3 weeks so far).


How do I do that? Losing fat while not losing weight? Is that even possible? Or should I try to shed some pounds to become more muscular afterwards?


I try to eat most of the time paleo and try to increase my protein intake.


Any suggestions?





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No, actually it's more of "I don't need to lose weight".

Do you think I should? ;)


And a little bit of fear losing muscle, as I need it for my wing tsun "test" in January. Or at least I think I'll need it, as I'm often the only girl and my opponents are at least 45 lbs heavier than me.


Would you suggest losing some weight, then adding muscle, then maintaining?

And: how much weight should I lose?

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I think the goal ought to be more about getting to the body composition you want.  If you want to lose fat and build some muscle for your wing tsun test, then do that. The scales will do their own thing, and there's not really a whole lot you can do about that.


Adding muscle will decrease your overall weight loss, but it won't necessarily stop you from losing any weight at all.

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No no, I didn't mean it like that.  I was only thinking about it in terms of weight classes for fighting, haha.


If you want to lose body fat, that'll mean cutting your calories a bit.  As long as you're getting the protein you need and are still working your muscles, you shouldn't worry about that lessening your muscle mass.


Unless someone's obese, losing total body weight isn't a good goal.  Your overall body weight doesn't mean much.  Composition would be a better goal to pursue.

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Well I lost fat (from photos) but stayed the same weight on the scales the past 2 months, just overate on keto. So like a few weeks of 3-5,000 calories then like a week of 2,500 calories or less. Keeping carbs below 20g and protein between 85-100g and going gym every day. So days went over my protein targets.

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I think the goal ought to be more about getting to the body composition you want.


This ^^


But it is possbile to do what you want to do.

In four weeks this past May, I tried to eat exactly maintenance and was really successful.

I lost only 0.6 pounds of scale weight, but dropped my bodyfat by 2 percentage points.


You have to nail your nutrition though.

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Does your scale have thumbtacks all over the part you stand on?


No it doesn't. :playful:


I used to be a little overweight in my teen years so I'm not as selfconfident as I should be. If I gain some weight, I won't feel good anymore for some days and I don't like that.


But as I matter of fact I was very brave this morning and got on that thing: 135 lbs at 5' 6" (thanks, google!)


Thanks to you all! Yes, I want to focus on composition. And it wouldn't be bad if I lost a little bit weight as long as I don't lose muscle.

So I'm gonna try eating a lot of protein (75 g til now), lift heavy (as heavy as I can) and try to eat clean.

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Good on ya for stepping up! I can empathize with a deficiency of self-confidence. I've been husky since middle school, and I didn't have a whole lot of self-confidence until college.

Then, in the words of the great philosopher Kanye West, "Me found bravery in my bravado."

It's a logical three step process.

1) My worth isn't based on how I look, but who I am as a person.

2) I'm a really great person.

3) I can make me look great, too.


So my self-confidence isn't based on how I look, but who I am. It's just a helpful side-effect that if I know I'm a person of character and I can be stubborn enough to see something through the an achievement of a goal, then I can tackle the fitness issue.

The driving force behind my fitness goals isn't so that I'll be more self-confident...it's so that my appearance will match my self-confidence. Does that make sense?


I realize this is slightly off topic from your original questions, but the point is this: you've got every right to have self-confidence dripping off you like sweat at the end of a good workout. No matter what your goal is (within logic and reason), in any area, you're not only worth it, but you're capable of it, too.

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