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I'll just take a big breath of air...

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and warn you that for this to sound realistic you'll have to read my post insanely fast and imagine it as kind of squeaky.


I'm 6'1", 21, 141(lbs), and I'm a bit introverted. I smoke, well, I haven't for a week, but it's a struggle so I can't say I don't just yet. I've tried working out before (many times) and between knees, ankles, and elbows popping, scraping, and sometimes even screeching at me, it's just never stuck. I used to play guitar 8 hours a day (no joke) and hang out with friends after school, but after I graduated I got lazy and decided I'd rather spend time at home, inside with my cat, reading rather than going outside and doing anything. I never watched what I eat or counted calories, but I've never had to, I eat a LOT and eat some more, but tend to feel sick afterwards. 


I'm looking to rehabilitate my lungs first and foremost, gain some weight (muscle, obviously), learn to eat healthier, and come out a little more confident when all is said and done.

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Welcome. I think you can hit your goals, and feel much better by changing over your diet.


Try Paleo, and eat plenty of healthy paleo fats (grass fed or organic animal fat, coconut oil, mono-unsaturated, omega-3's and so on).

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Check out my first challenge! http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/38158-lawrences-super-adventure/

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I tried going jogging this morning and I guess it went as well as could be expected. I warmed up and started out of the house and after about 5 minutes found it very difficult to breathe. After around 10 minutes I was bent over double hacking up tar. (quite painful)

I guess it can be seen as progress and I'll just have to try and last a little longer everyday.

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