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So just about a year ago I joined Nerd Fitness with all of the best intentions. I started eating a diet closer to primal than paleo, I bought and began the workout in the Convict Conditioning book (which I personally find awesome because it doesn't automatically assume you can immediately do something like a squat or a pushup straight off) and then something really horrible started to happen.....  I got complacent, I started listening to all of the people around me at work that couldn't understand that the weight/inches I was loosing was because I was doing something besides going home from my very sedentary desk job and plopping down with a book or a movie, I let my mother talk me into trying all the "gluten free" (and still carb laden) foods that her doctor recommended when we found out she's allergic to that horrendous GMO wheat protien and I let my body weight exercises slide. I am ashamed.... and things would have kept on in that vein if I hadn't started getting bullied at work and treated like a slave and a doormat.


Three-ish months ago I realized that things were only going to get worse where I was when one of my long time sales guys (an incedentally someone who I had up until that point highly respeced) went completely totally ballistic when I ordered a single thin crust vegetarian pizza for several employees who have legitimate health reasons for no eating meat during a building wide meeting but refused to order a thin crust meat pizza because that's what he (all by his lonesome) prefers to eat. The very next day I took a long lunch an applied for a job that every single person (with the exception of my best friend who now lives in CT) told me I would never get or survive. A month later I started working the assemby line at Nissan in Smyrna, TN helping to build SUVs. Yes, it's a complete turn around from years and years of desk work but damned if I don't love the movement and sense of accomplishment I feel at the end of the shift because I actually contributed to something in a tangible manner instead of just processing hundreds of phone calls and pieces of paper.


I'm 10 days away from being there for 2 months, the body aches are mostly under control (with the exception of a single finger on my right hand), my appetite isn't quite as voracious as it was in the first few weeks, I'm loosing inches in all parts of my body as my muscles take over with constant movement and use, and I'm ready to amp up this transformation even more.


After this week I'm determined to clean my diet up to what I'd been doing before: No more gluten free breads, pretzels and cookies!


After this week I'm going back to the beginning of the Convict Conditioning circuit: Wall Push-ups here I come!


After this week I'm not letting ANYTHING stop me!


12/25/13 Update: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays fellow Nerds!! As I sit at my mother's laptop in her empty (except for me and three dogs) house in Nashville, TN I thought I should give you a quick update on my progress. The workout schedule is going great, the diet... could still use a little work. It's been a bit easier this week since I'm on holiday break from work and can't in any way justify a fast food stop (yay) but those gluten free products are still popping up despite my best intentions. I can't help loving GF toaster waffles with my bacon and eggs for breakfast and maufin (rice straws) with my stirfry and soups. Maybe if I solemly swear not to buy any more?


Maybe a few of you can give me some pointers on quick, easy and portable snacks to take with me when work starts back up on Jan 2? That's where and when I know things are likely to go really downhill fast. I love the nuts and dried fruit option but I could really use some variety so any help would be awesome thanks!!

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Thanks so much for the words of encouragement!


Having a job I love and that demands I actually put forth some effort was a big step in the right direction for me. I have a three day weekend after a long shift today so I'll be able to recharge my batteries and prepare for the next three months of working six days a week. The GF prepackaged products have now been banished from my cabinets and refridgerator but I'm still having problems with the once a week fast food run and my consumption of SUGAR. I put that in caps because my major weakness when I work my 10 hour day every week is a good size box of Rainbow Nerds to keep me going. Somehow my massive multi-vitamin with Iron and the energy supplement I take daily just don't cut it for those extra two hours and even with adding extra protein to my diet over the past couple of weeks I'm fading out before midnight when I need to keep going until at least 3am.

Any suggestions would be great since I'm approaching my first year anniversary with the whole lifestyle/diet change and I'd like to make it a clean sweep soon so I can be free of JUNK.

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I have self assembled trail mix.   the nuts i like, dried banana chips, Cranraisins, sometime raisin blueberries or pomagranate.  It works well enough except for sunflower seeds... I love them but they make a mess with all the larger pieces... I have pulverized the other nuts to a similar size but just made a mess.


I went through vicious sugar withdrawls when I gave up sodas and candy.  I never realized how much sugar I was actually consuming.  The head aches that second week were horrible.   Now 2 months (mostly) free of processed sugar.. I sleep better and I have the real energy to do things.  I do not recommend cold turkey quitting, but it was the only way for me.

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I hear you about the sugar intake deal. I cut out sodas, juices and most candies last year when I gave up corn syrup but I somehow manage to justify those Nerds since they have less than 2% corn syrup in them. My morning cup of tea has honey in it and I drink water with lemon and cranberries in it the rest of the day. The only time I really really slip with my drinks is when I'm at my mother's because she makes and awesome sweet tea. I'll have to try your idea for trail mix. I make paleo crackers with sunflower and sesame seeds. The recipe is over on Mark's Daily Apple. It lets me enjoy the occasional pepperoni and cheese craving.

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