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....but it seemed like such a good idea at the time....

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I'm a 5'10, 270 lbs, 27 year old dude. I've had some recent and not so recent health issues that I finally want to deal with.

Recently ticked over one year sober, and decided it is time to start dealing with my weight and fitness. As a result of bad choices I have high (like sky high) uric acid, and have had a single gout flare (in January). Which means I need to avoid meat as much as possible, and eat a low to moderate protien diet, along with other restrictions. So I assume paleo (which seems really popular) is entirely out for me. Seriously, no red meat at all, chicken or turkey limit to 6 oz a few times a week.

I'm an eater. Love food. Kinda rolling on a semi vegetarian diet. Decided I could use some help and support and not really sure what to do, so here I am. My goals are simple, to lose weight and build muscle. To lower my bloodpressure. To lower my blood sugar. To feel better about myself and feel attractive.

Unfortunately I don't have any ACTUAL plans. So.....where do I start?

I'd prefer to avoid buying anything or getting a gym membership until I do 'good' for a little while, as I don't want to waste money until I feel confident I'll use it and not, er, waste money.


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Welcome to the board!

Here's a link based on a google search for "gout and paleo"



As far as exercises go, you might try some of Steve's bodyweight stuff.

Also, it's going to be hard to lower blood sugar or blood pressure with a high carb diet. Just an FYI.

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Start simple. When I got started, I was just walking for 30 minutes. Then, I kind of progressed into a 'couch to 5K' type thing. What got me motivated, though, was lurking around the free resources on the website. The articles gave me tons of ideas to help me get started, and now I have my own workout program mapped out.

I hope that helps!

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Huh. Never thought about the carbs aspect. I just assumed swapping simple carbs and sugar/HFCS for complex carbs like vegetables and grains would have a beneficial effect.

May have to be a gradual thing then. Get a little handle on some stuff and move towards mo-betta stuff as I go.

Thanks for the links. Feel kinda dumb I didn't think to google paleo and gout. I just assumed it was out. I'll read them when I get home.

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Welcome! I give two thumbs up to a bodyweight regiment. I know even when I've been eating crappy for a day, if I get down and do some pushups/squats/plank/whatever I IMMEDIATELY start feeling better. It flushes some of the excess blood sugar out of my system and gets me thinking healthier. I have crazy hormones, wacky blood sugar, and a grab-bag of other problems, but low carb (no grain, no sugar, no white floury potatoes) has been the only thing to lower my body fat. I started out years ago, unintentionally doing a paleoesque diet, and it helped me drop about 40lbs in fat. That said, with gout problems it may be harder (but not impossible, I seem to remember reading something about it not being as big a problem as people used to think).

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How do you do with fish and eggs?

Also, check out these links.. they might help you with the whole eating part:


http://www.brendanbrazier.com/book/index.html (go to the links at the top of the page)

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Holy crap, if those links are right, I'm kinda excited to start the paleo diet!

And I checked out Steves bodyweight (for noobs) instructions, they look like exactly what I was looking for! Simple, no equipment, strength training I can do in my home (or apt. lawn if I want people going wtf is he doing).

So...I'm kind of psyched up, what should I be doing now? Is there a section of the forums I should read, or something else somewhere? Any important guides?

I feel half guilty asking if there were some basic guidelines I should read, but I tend to try to read everything first instead of jumping in headfirst, so I thought I'd try something different.

I'm a total diet/exercise noob aside from some light gym work when I was in high school (like 10+ years ago).

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I'd recommend "the paleo solution" by Robb Wolf before you start paleo. Or at least follow the whole 30 while you read through that.


Beyond that, I don't have any specific recommendations. I know a 30 day "trial" sounds hard...but after about day 10, it's a piece of cake.

I wouldn't say cake, since we paleos no longer eat grains, but it does get way easier once you are in the groove. Welcome to the Rebellion.

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