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Day 1:


OK...I don't do Paleo...yet...but I am trying to plan my meals/snacks ahead of time so that I can avoid as much processed food as possible.  I will, however, continue to eat dairy for the time being.  This will be a slow transition for me, so please don't judge me on that...


Breakfast: Oatmeal, banana, 1 Cup low fat milk 


Taking with me to work--

Snack: clementine oranges

Lunch: Grilled chicken breast

            Low fat  cottage cheese and tomatoes

            1/4 C. Almonds


Dinner will be--

Grilled Salmon

Steamed veggies


Will probably have homemade raspberry frozen greek yogurt for a snack tonight.


Short workout this am (Bodyrock) and plan to hit the gym after work for abs/lower body.


So...that's the plan


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Right on! Definitely a wise move to plan ahead. Avoiding processed foods is still a huge step to take even if you're approaching paleo slowly. I know that for me, just eating more real food provided a huge boost in energy and motivation.


Keep up the great work!

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So...day 1 did not go 100% as planned thanks to a check engine light that decided to announce its presence on my way to work...luckily, it was an easy fix-but it cost me my gym time at the dealership.


I had a beer last night too...that is going to be a tough habit to break...but today is a new day, so here we go.


Day 2:


AM Workout- Bodyrock (short, but intense)


Breakfast: Cold cereal (special K)

                 1 C. Milk



Take to work:

    Snack: Clementine oranges (2)

    Lunch: Lettuce Salad with tuna

                Babybell cheese

    Snack: 1/4 C. dried fruit


Dinner: Pork chops

            Brussel Sprouts- I love them!!

            Baked sweet potato


Blackberries and yogurt for a snack...


Gym after work- Run and Upper body...


I plan to post my stats and goals at the end of this week and, once I get in the swing of things again, make my lifting schedule and goals specific and measurable.  I will also be incorporating protein shakes into my day (post workout)

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Day 2 was altered due to an online seminar that I had to attend for grad school...so no gym- but I did work out at home and stuck to the eating plan, minus the evening snack.


Day 3 has been unconventional due to a migraine this morning...so breakfast was dried fruit (the only thing that sounded remotely good)...lunch was carrots and hummus and a beef jerky stick...


Dinner will be turkey sloppy joes, corn and a baked potato...will have greek yogurt this evening for a snack..


I drank a TON of water today and successfully avoided foods that I usually turn to when I don't feel well...ie, fried chicken and SODA


After dinner I will work out again at home (Bodyrock and a little kickboxing if I am up to it...also upper body lifting since my legs are still ON FIRE from yesterday...


My work day was depressing and more stressful than it needed to be...so I'm not going to hate myself for surviving it while making decent choices.

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You'll get there as far as the sodas and Rockstars go, and the time for workouts will show itself to you; the real road is 80% what you eat, and you seem to be doing a pretty good job there!

I just feel like my body is going on strike and demanding junk food...I think I've gone through this every time I've started a program in the past...the first week I feel like poo and crave crap...it's like my body is telling me- "Drink a soda and I will quit making you feel like your brain is trying to escape your cranium through your eye holes"...

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That's EXACTLY what's going on! I managed to fight it this time around by eating a lot of fruit. Even though there is sugar in fruit, the pulp filled me up, and the vitamins and minerals really boost you up. Soda, though, is the absolute devil. So hard to kick, and your body WANTS it... It's Preciousssss...

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Missed a few days...spent the weekend shopping for Christmas gifts and fighting a headache...


Started the mini challenge today...part of my challenge is to post my stats on my DBL so that I can start tracking my progress.


Pants/Dress size: 16


After the mini challenge ends, I will be starting a lifting program and, at that time, I will post measurements...


My plan is to update my stats once a month...

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Up waaaay toooo early...


The Plan:


Body rock (am)

Upper Body (am)


Breakfast: Oatmeal, coffee, and clementine oranges


Take to work: Apple, salad w/ grilled chicken, hard boiled egg, cheese


Dinner:  Will be on the road - Subway with some fruit.


Taking with me on the road:  Lots of water (which could result in lot of stops), dried fruit, yogurt, and almonds...


I'm taking some tea bags home so I can have something else to choose from...


I have a ton of errand to run and work promises to be hectic and cause hate and discontent...

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Ok...I'm back!


Per the 6 week challenge, I am going to ease into the Paleo lifestyle...the goal is to plan 7 Paleo days every 2 weeks...


This is Paleo day one...


Breakfast: Black Coffee, scrambled eggs, and two clementine oranges...along with 16 oz of water...


Take to work: Apple, Grilled Chicken, Lettuce salad (sans cheese and dressing) with avocado and tomatoes...almonds for a snack and 32 more oz of water


Dinner: Crock pot lean pork chop with apples...mmmm...and green beans...maybe a sweet potato IF I feel that I am deprived


Snack: Banana with honey and cinnamon...


Note: nothing I have is organic or grass fed...I am jut trying to get used to thinking in terms of what I eat and not worrying about counting calories and such....and avoiding dairy :(


Workout this morning consisted of squats and my legs have seized in cramps three times since I've been done...gym after work for a quick set of upper body and a little music therapy on the elliptical


Second Note: yesterday was my first successfully planned and executed "Meat Free Monday"...it is not an indictment of meat eaters, or the hard working people who provide the meat for us carnivores, but rather an exercise in focusing concentrated effort on eating vegetables and fruits in new ways...last night was spaghetti squash with tomatoes, peppers, basil, and mushrooms...tasty!

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I did it!!  day two=success...Paleo all day...48 oz of H2O...workout til I get crippling leg cramps...hooray!! :)  Now I have a little added stress...potential promotional interview soon...and my graduate classes have started...so my "mini goal" is to complete my week as planned without derailing and pigging out on junk (my go to for stress)...


one day at a time...

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Early into my experience with NF, I suffered a loss that put me in a pretty deep hole.  Along with the emotional impact, I became physically ill- nothing major, but many little things that lead to overall discomfort-which resulted in no workouts and, for that matter, no eating.  For the first time since the middle of January, I feel human again.  It is sunny outside and, despite some allergy issues, I feel physically and emotionally well.  I am still quite deep in a stress swamp-but then again, who isn't?  My hubby and I are facing some difficult challenges over the next few months, but that is no excuse to remain complacent.  Facing these difficulties overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy will not make these challenges any easier.  Furthermore, my physical well-being could very well be a large cause of the stress that I feel.  I still have moments when I am totally in the dumps...but I can't let those times overwhelm me and pull me under.  So I'm hitting "reset" and taking a fresh run at this...I'm not ready to set many goals yet, but I do want to workout (in some fashion) every day and spend less time on the couch in front of the television.  So that is the only plan for this week--puny, I know, but it is where I'm going to start until I feel like "me" again.  Does anyone out there have anything that they do to help them battle stress and the blues; something that adds fuel to your motivational fire??

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