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Hey Rebels,


   My name's Tum. I'm excited to be a part of the community.


   I am interested in getting lighter on my feet and being more confident. I have to do a lot of public speaking, and being leaner and taller (than my 3' wide 5'6" tall 20 lb overweight frame,) will make me a stronger speaker with more suave and persuasion.


   Problem is, I travel a lot, and by traveling, I mean 36 hours of train, to plain, to bus. Airport food doesn't give a good choice. Some times, I don't get to prepare or choose my own food. I don't know how I could exercise. My schedule changes every 2-6 months or so too.


   I know they sound like excuses, but I would love to know if there is anyway I can have a way to fit an adaptable workouts into my irregular change.


   Thanks a lot for suggestions and support.



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Actually, when I traveled 50% of the year, I was in excellent condition.  But I did have to side-step a lot of assumptions about the life of a road-warrior.


I ate out as alittle as possible. Lunches with clients or people who attended my seminars were unavoidable, but I still focused on healthier choices.  Didn't eat dessert.  I doubled up on salad or vegetables, avoided breads, and ate the meat portion of the meal.  Lots of water and little coffee. 


After the work day, I always worked out.  No exceptions.  Get to my hotel and change into workout clothes.  Most hotels have treadmills and limited free weights, but if I had to, I would go walking or running outside and do a body weight routine in my hotel room.  Then, a healthy dinner - I'd tell the wait staff that I was on a diet and wanted something light for supper.  OR - even better - I'd find the closest grocery store and get my own sandwich fixings, fruit, bottled water, and a bagel, fruit, and yogurt for the next morning's breakfast. 


This routine left me healthy and full of energy ... so necessary for public speaking, which is a workout in itself if you do it right.  Go look up the Angry Birds workout ... great for a hotel room!!!  You can do this.

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Ross Enamait has some great intense workouts that I've used in the past. You could also try Beast Skills for some field-expedient training progressions. Or you can get your hands on the Bas Rutten Workout, which is an MMA-type workout audio file that you can take anywhere. All you need is a bit of open space.

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there is the hotel workout


angry birds


I belong to the YMCA so I can go nearly anywhere in the country and get my barbell workout in... if I can't find one within 30 min or so I can find a park... and do obstacles with my kids...


any number of body weight based workouts that you can do... there is less worry for me about working out while on the go than eating





why can you not choose/plan your own food... I mean if you go to a work sponsored event you can bring your own food... you do NOT have to rely on their food...


I had to go paleo because of severe gluten intolerance... which means ZERO cheat days... I mean ZERO wheat... because it tries to kill me... and at first my coworkers would be all "oh you HAVE to eat this" (or that or whatever) and I just said "I can't eat that"... after a while they are to the point where they say "we know you don't eat xyz but didn't want you to feel left out we have food in the breakroom if you want to have coffee with us and socialize"


I take my own food EVERYWHERE... because ZERO cheats... I occasionally eat out... a salad... a bunless burger... bunless chicken "sandwich"... things that fit my rules (meat fuit veggie only)... if I am not 100% certain I can eat out somewhere that I can follow my rules I plan on fasting or bringing my own...



I also travel a LOT with my children... we hike and camp and just generally go visit places... find a grocery store... if you can carry stuff with you do that... I make a lot of my own dehydrated meals for camping... I also make my own dehydrated fruit/meat snacks just for... we travel in our car... I have a big cooler that fits in the back... some home made jerky... apple slices (either dehydrated or not)... nut butter (my favorite is cashiews)... a bag of chicken breasts that have been pre cooked... bag of avocados... any other fruit veggies... I love to precook a bunch of sweet potatoes and put them in a zip lock... most of the hotels we stay at have a fridge/microwave... if not stuff stays in the cooler and I eat it cold...




typical hotel breakfast for me... coffee black (made in room) couple of chicken breasts... couple roma tomatoes... half an avocado... and some paleo sweet potato pie... the juice was for my kids :)



I keep a picnic service set (plates bowls silverware) in my car... when I am going elsewhere without my car I have a single person mess kit...


it's difficult to eat well on the go... but for me no more difficult than eating well at home :D

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