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I have been working out following all the rules for form etc, but have never asked myself if my shoes are of any importance when lifting weights. Are they?

Right now I'm wearing my good ol' running shoes, but I came across some comments on this forum that seemed to indicate that those aren't the best option.


So, is it of any importance what kind of shoes I'm wearing?


Also, on a non-fitness related note, thinking about my ol' shoes I remembered the absolutely fantastic movie Wag the Dog, which everyone should see.

It tells the story of old shoe:



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Yes, shoes are important.


Running shoes are generally not recommended because the thick cushioning lets your feet move around too much under heavy weight.  Most people prefer shoes with little to no padding and as thin of a sole as possible.


Popular choices are wrestling shoes or Chucks.








There are, of course, shows designed from the ground up (hah!) for lifting:



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For my 2 cents, I've been lifting in either my Vibrams or my Merrell Trail Gloves. Both are very stable and adaptable. As progress further, I'll eventually get some proper lifting shoes, but for my level of strength and fitness, these work best.

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Lift barefoot or in socks. You can lift with infinitely better form when you're not standing on pillows.

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You won't die horribly if you wear the wrong shoes. I lifted in running shoes for a couple months before I even realized it mattered.


LOL.  I so wanted to type "you'll lose all your gains if you wear the wrong shoes".  LOL.

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So, I just started SL 5x 5. Do you guys think I need to start with the flat shoes right away? Or would it be acceptable to lift in my cross trainers until I stop seeing gains?


Cross trainers are probably fine, the goal is to keep your feet stable. You're going to be loading your feet with hundreds of pounds, so they better not budge or wobble. I wear a pair of Caterpillar mountain boots, not only they worked absolute wonders but they also let me crank up the weight even more because before them I had an old, raggedy pair of boots that were starting to tear apart.


The bottom line is, that if your feet are not stable something like this will happen:


(If you don't feel like loading the video: a girl decides to deadlift wearing high heels, you can imagine where she goes to)



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Like everyone said, it won't matter as you're just starting out.  I see guys and gals squat and deadlift just fine in regular trainers with upwards of 315lbs.  I used to do this, no problems.  However, there will come a time when you get to a certain weight and you will not feel comfortable/stable when you unrack the bar for a squat.  That's when you should consider either flat shoes, or weightlifting-style shoes.  Both work very well for squatting depending on the type of back squats you're doing.  But, you can look that up when you get there.

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I wear Chucks for lifting and running (barefoot running alternative). Jury is still out I the running, but for lifting they feel good. I haven't used a dedicated lifting shoe, so I can't make that comparison.

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