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Welcome holiday rebellers! 


This here is a mini challenge! What's that you ask? It's like a regular challenge except that here we have 5 main goals to survive the holiday season before the next challenge kicks off. 


There are no guilds, nor stat points, nor normal challenge rules. 




1) Pick one of the 5 sub-forums to post your thread. Your main goal for the mini-challenge is based on the subforum you post in. If you are focusing on weightloss then the Holiday Weight Loss forum is for you.

2)Write up what your plan is to achieve the goals and use your thread to keep track. 

3) Keep us updated on your progress as you go through the holidays. 

4) Focus only on the main goal. No side quests or mini quests will happen

5) There are no stat or levels gained for the mini challenge.



The mini challenge will run from Dec. 23rd to Jan 3rd. 


The next full challenge will start Jan 6th. 



Happy holidays Rebels! 





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