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Holiday Weight gain?! Pfft!

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Every year it happens.The holiday seasons start. "Its only two more days to Christmas," you would think. "Surely I can survive these few days without stuffing my face and gaining an elephant of weight." Alas, the opposite happens and the few days turn into a week and rolls way past the New Year. Sigh.

Well, this year I'm putting my foot down! No more holiday binges for Haevyn! Even if that succulent looking cake that's just oozing chocolate is calling my name.

The goal:

To maintain or lose weight.

I'm currently 58 kg. Not heavy, but I definitely do not want any extra weight!

The Game Plan:

1) A 70% Paleo diet combined with IF. Why 70%? Cause I'm not that cruel to myself.

2) maintain the workout!

I've been briefed. Good luck to me!

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24/12 (Tuesday)


So it begins. Haevyn has a dastardly Christmas Eve potluck in the evening, highlights of the match will be the unending supply of chocolate, cake and mash potatoes. Will she survive and pull through? Stay tuned!




Squat: 55 kg - Finished all sets! Finally!

OHP: 22.5 kg - Sped through :)

Deadlift: 85 kg - Managed 3 reps.


Assisted chin ups + pull ups, Adductor machine (25 kg , 20 kg)

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Christmas eve potluck turned out to be quite healthy, with a no cream pumpkin soup as the main dish. Christmas itself was a little tricky. We slept over at a friend's house and ate pizza for lunch. Christmas dinner was at my family's home. I avoided all carbs (Shepherd's pie & Carbonara) and went with the meat! Satay + sausage + roast duck :)


26/12 (Thursday)

Squat 57.5 kg - 5,5,5,5,4 reps

Bench 35 kg - 5,4,4,3,3 reps

Rows 22.5 kg - 5,5,5,4,3 reps


Glutes + Adductor machines, Assisted chin ups.


Dragging myself out of bed today to go to the gym was probably one of the hardest things I've done all year. Not to mention having to go to work after that. Damn the holiday mood..


Next challenge.


  Coming up soon, Haevyn continues her battle with the holiday bulge! She has drawn her sword, but her opponent takes out burgers, steak and potatoes? Stay tuned as she goes through the dungeon of her company Christmas dinner!

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