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Phoenix Burning

Phoenix Burning Goes Out With a Bang

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I read this quote from a GMB article and it has really stuck with me, "Training becomes part of what you do because it supports who you are and what you want to become".


I have been really uncertain of which direction to head for this year.  ABWW was the most effective, but it made me the most unhappy.  If the most effective workout is the one you will actually do, I need to stick to my yoga.  I believe it will get me there, albeit somewhat slower than other methods.  But, it adds to my sense of calm and sense of self instead of adding to my stress.


I think this year's plan will involve lots of walking, occasional sprints, regular yoga and some "skill" goals to spice things up, e.g., "do a handstand".


So, friends, you will next find me with the assassins!

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