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Miyamoto - shapeshifting to SLOTH

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Slowly, slowly....

Not so hasty......

I will use this time between the years to slow down my life.

Just doing unavoidable things.

But sloooowly....

Don't hurry......

A sloth is a wonderful creature. Keeping a permanent smile on it's face.

Doing it all veeery sloooow.

So slow, there's growing moss in it's fur.

Only leaving it's tree to go to the toilet.

Except this two things, I will try to mimic a sloth these days.

Perhaps some little and unhasty clearing out  of my closets and remove unused clothing and things I don't need any more.

And some tardy looks on my tendinitis.

Perhaps some sneaking through the woods.

But all of this veeery slooow......


Keep cool, my fellow druids.....

And reeeelaaaax....


Slow greetings from

Miyamoto the Sloth

Viking  Warrior Level 5

STR: 7.5 | DEX: 11 | STA: 12 | CON: 12 | WIS: 12 | CHA: 9

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hehehe :) 

love that challenge idea :D

Elf Druid - Level 8         looking around for happiness || tracking || #intro || #old


"Most people think they’ll feel good once they reach some goal. By linking happiness to something you don’t have yet, you denying yourself the power to create it in the moment. Your happiness is your birth right. It shouldn’t depend on you ACHIEVING something. Start by claiming it and using it to make your journey fun all the way and not just at the end." S.Chandler


"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy" G. Apollinaire

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Yesterday I succeeded in clearing out my clothes' closet.

Did it slowly, but now there are only things in it, I will actually wear.

In the past days I also made a little unhasty geocaching.


Now it's only a few days until the new challenge. I will continue to keep things slow, until I'll see you there again.




Viking  Warrior Level 5

STR: 7.5 | DEX: 11 | STA: 12 | CON: 12 | WIS: 12 | CHA: 9

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