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Hey there everyone. You mind if I come play over here for a while?


I would have hung out in one of the other guilds, but I have too many jobs for Serenity, and I'm not gonna run (much) so the Pavement's out. I'm not trying to bulk so no Weight Gain, but I'm not planning to resist holiday treats either, so Weight Loss is out too. So, the only one left for me to join is this one. I hope y'all don't mind.


Anyway, posting up today's workout:


Warmed Up


Chin Ups: 3x61, 5 (notation indicates the number of sets, out of the total executed, that this particular rep range was used).

Pistol Progressions: 3x5/Leg


Close Push Ups: 3x6

Hanging Knee Raises: 3x6


Inverted Ring Rows: 3x4

Skater Squats: 3x9/Leg


Pike Press, 1-Step: 3x3

Full Bridge: 3x6


Core Work:


Dynamic Hollow Body Wall Walk: 3x1

Bent Leg to Bar: 3x1

Hanging Knee Hold: 3x6 seconds


Took about an hour or so. Then went off to work UPS, which proved to be... interesting, on a Christmas Eve.

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I think you and Loren Wade are the only guild leaders who didn't jump for the serenity forum, but I have to say, I think you needed it.  Three jobs is just another reason why you should.  It's only for two weeks.  But, if you insist on your usual workout insanity, I stand by to be my usual impressed.

Life before Death

Strength before Weakness

Journey before Destination

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I think you and Loren Wade are the only guild leaders who didn't jump for the serenity forum, but I have to say, I think you needed it.  Three jobs is just another reason why you should.  It's only for two weeks.  But, if you insist on your usual workout insanity, I stand by to be my usual impressed.


I don't disagree. But peace and quiet and rest are for people who can afford it. I can't. This was the one serene day, and it seemed inappropriate to go join the others when that's not how things are for me. But the rest is coming, I'm sure of it.

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Plyometric work today.


Warmed up


Ring False Grip Pull Ups: 3x1 (Oof. This did not work. At all. Going false grip totally changes the move, because you don't use your fingers to create the shelf - the ring ends up resting across the palm of your hand. Ordinarily, I'd say just learning to hang that way would be enough, but the rings slip out of my hands if I do that. I think it is probably better for me to back off of false-grip work for now and focus more on developing my chins, pull ups, and rows, and get used to doing those on the rings. Once that's done, I should be able to go back to it).

Step Jumps: 3x3


Plyometric Push Ups: 3x5

Sit Throughs: 3x1/side


Bent Leg to Bar: 3x2

Skate Jumps: 3x1/Leg


Ring Dips: 3x2

Kip Rolls: 3x1


Core Work

Dynamic Hollow Body Wall Walk: 3x2

Hanging Knee Hold: 3x7s

Hanging Knee Raise: 3x7 (got some swing action happening here again. Okay. Best to stick with this rep range for now).


Time Elapsed: 38:54.


No finishers attached; trying to let my left leg heal up some.


Edit: Addendum: It would appear that I messed up on the false grip. I didn't understand quite what it was. I don't think it's gonna be easier, but I think I can fix it. That, or I should just be humble and stick to my chin ups and pull ups for a while.

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Hey, all. So, went on an adventure and went to see my brother, off in the mountains. Got a workout in on Saturday, but had no such luck today.


Saturday, I did a descending ladder, starting from six reps, of bar chin ups, left pistols, and right pistols. Got that done in about ten and a half minutes, and then did another ten minutes of isometric work - handstands and hollow body holds and the like.


Spent today sitting around, watching Arrow, and driving. No real exercise to speak of today. We'll be back at it tomorrow.

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Aaaaaaand, we're back. Six hill sprints today, slightly longer distance than last time, and eleven push ups at the top of the hill. Then came back and did ten minutes of isometric work. Ended up having to bail out of my handstand since I was trying to press myself flush to the wall and lost my balance, but I was able to successfully bail out, so I'll count that as a win. :)

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Woot! Explosive strength training today.


Warmed up.


Ring False Grip Chin Ups (aha! figured out the false grip! sort of!): 3x1

Squat Jumps (three steps): 3x4


Plyometric Push Ups: 4x4

Sit-Throughs: 3x2/side


Feet to Bars: 3x3

Jumping Skater Squats: 3x2/Leg


Ring Dips: 3x3

Kip Rolls: 3x2


Did some core work that comes from the Hip Flexibility System I've started to follow. I didn't think it'd be very challenging. I was wrong.

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Whew. Ended up doing my active recovery/mobility work today. Wow. Took, like, two hours to get through; that's longer than sum total of the rest of the time I spend exercising combined.


But on the other hand? It's good. I've begun to do some added hip mobility stuff, and I woke up after a full night's sleep last night with no pain in my back. And as it is, I just feel nice and loose. Mobility work is totally worth it. :)

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Today was a conditioning day. Decided to do a variation on the 'cards' workout. Red cards were burpees, black cards were push ups; face cards are ten, aces are eleven.


This variant has always defeated me, mostly because I pushed to failure and never thought to use easier variants afterward. Not this time. I pressed on with it.


Final numbers: 73 burpees, 15 squat-thrust-jumps; 67 push ups, 25 knee push ups. Total time elapsed: 25:18.


No isometrics afterward, given that I had to cut the workout short and get ready for the job. Oh well.

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Ah! Now I understand the cards workout! Very cool stuff.


Yeah! Some folks dismiss it as being too gimmicky for strength work, and I think they're right. But as a conditioning tool, it's very useful for martial artists because it mimics the same systemic demands that fighting does.

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Strength work today!


Warmed Up


Chin-Ups: 3x62, 5

Pistol Progressions: 3x61, 72/Leg


Narrow Push Ups: 3x7

Hanging Knee Raises: 3x7 (interesting thing I found out today. How you grip the bar plays a factor in determining how much you swing. By using a closed-handed grip as opposed to the open hook, the swinging issue basically disappears).


Rocca (1-Step): 3x4

Dynamic Full Bridge: 3x7


Inverted Ring Row: 3x5

Skater Squats: 3x10/Leg


Then did some core work from the HFS, mostly having to do with leg-lowering from a supine position on the floor. I'm amazed at the difficulty of this work, and I enjoy it.


Time Elapsed: 43:43.


Took my measurements today as well and, assuming that the scanner is correct, I have lost weight and gained fat which means I burned some muscle in the past three weeks. Not cool, but nothing to panic over. I basically attempted to introduce some caloric and macro-cycling into the plan, given that I've had success with that kind of thing in the past. I think what happened was that either a) the holidays got me more than I thought, or B) I've underestimated the demands of UPS yet again, and should have eaten in a way that wouldn't force my body to cannibalize muscle for glycogen. I'm not really interested in cutting more calories just yet, since the caloric intake seems to be fine for forcing a loss. I just need to be more mindful about how I eat and when. I could probably stand to cycle down, say, on the weekends, or on days when I'm not on for any kind of manual labor.


Oh well, learning experience. Let's see what the next three weeks bring.

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