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Aussie Dwarf seeks to leave couch and become an assassin

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Hi all,


Couch loving, food loving, Warcraft loving, Aussie female dwarf here. I've also had a migraine since March 2010, so anything that gets the blood pumping, loud noise, bright lights all aggro the migraine into Boss mode. This caused me to quit work and move around the country trying different specialists until they all said "we can't fix this".  All of which led a chubby but healthy woman into unheralded levels of flabbiness, depression and morbid obesity.

I've always considered fitness as merely an adjunct or means to losing weight, rather than a target in its own right. Reading through Nerd Fitness, I've finally learned (42 is an appropriate age after all) that fitness is the goal, and weight loss is merely an adjunct. So I've decided:


Level 50 aim: Rock climbing

Twelve month aim: to do one pull-up.

Six week challenge: Establish a routine
1. Complete Bent Over Dumbbell Rows every second day - 3 x 8 reps of 500g, 1kg, then 2kg (change every 2 weeks)
2. Walk 5000 steps per day 
3. Eat paleo breakfasts every day

How does this sound as a starting platform?

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*mid run high five!*

Welcome to NF she-dwarf! I am Ele, I am new here too (I have been a member for about 4 days and are in the mini challenge)! I am a hobbit whose dream it is to become a top notch Assassin, so I know kind of what your facing. It's a bit of an uphill battle for dwarves and hobbits like us to accomplish such a feat but so was Normandy and look who won that war xD Your goals look very achievable, I think that you can totally accomplish them and look forward to seeing how you do (in a totally non-creepy supportive kind of way :) ). Welcome again to this nerdy safe-haven of fitness awesomeness!

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Hey there,


I am another female Aussie Dwarf with (very) long term aspirations to assassin-hood and rock-climbing, though for the near future I will be Rangering to build some condition. Your goals look great!


I have so much sympathy for your migraine, that sounds horrific. You have no doubt tried many many things to help with it, but just on the off chance that this is helpful for you,  I found that a combination of lifting weights and chiropractic and hypnosis really improved mine (used to have them about 7-11 days of migraine, maximum of 10 days off, then back to migraine). I get them much less frequently now (maybe every 4-6 weeks), and they tend not to last more than a few days, and when I was weighlifting regularly they had virtually vanished.

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I really like your goals and how you set them up. I am currently working on mine. I want to be an assassin/Druid. I hope you find relief for the migraines, headaches are torture.

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Thanks everyone for the welcome :) :)  I'm current;y working my way through the Angry Birds workout.  I can do it a bit at a time so it doesn't aggro the Migraine.  I so so so so LOVE this site and its community - the first place that doesn't tell me that I'm sedentary so I should eat a higher proportion of carbs.  The first place that doesn't tel me to "work through the pain". Yeah there's a difference between migraine flare and DOMS - finally a group that gets it! 

I hope to be a totally supportive (but not is a creepy way) group member and cheer on you guys too!  We can do this!  Heck for the first time I truly believe we CAN do this!

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a kiwi dwarf here wanting to get off the couch and into the world as a monk.

good luck!

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