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Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired!

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Here's the deal: I hate how my life is going. 


I'm sure there are millions of people that could say the same thing, and I sympathize with each and every one of them. I'm at a loss. My life is so far off track that I don't know how to begin putting it back together. But, I've made some improvements recently.


1.) I finally got my GED! At the age of 24, I finally fixed my biggest regret! And, I scored high enough for a scholarship! I start at the end of January.


2.) I'm slowly but surely overcoming my depression, co-dependency, caretaker burnout, and general anxiety. It's nice not to be scared of literally everything that 'could' possibly happen!


3.) I'm drinking way, WAY less soda, and much more water! I feel good.


But, I'm ready to take it up a notch! I'm ready to achieve great things, both academically and physically. My whole family is overweight, and I don't want to be another one to say it's 'genetics'. All that is, is an excuse.


I'm 24, married, mother of two, and I'm my heaviest at 210 lbs. I'm only 5 foot 2, so -needless to say- I am NOT a pretty picture. I'm a stress eater, and as a wife, mom, and caretaker, stress IS my LIFE. But, I'm learning to handle stress without stuffing my face with every comfort food in sight. And, I'm ready to get physical!


I need a workout plan, but I don't know where to start. I do know I love to walk and jog. It kills me, but I love that burn. I'm in the process of finding a gym, now I just need to know what to lift and how many times. I'm clueless lol. Somebody help!

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Take a look at the beginner bodyweight workout! It's the perfect place to start and you can do it at home if you have space. No need to try to find a gym and sign a contract right off the bat.

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Welcome to the Rebellion! I second what Mahina said, the beginner bodyweight workout is great for just doing something without needing a gym, then on your weights off days you can go for a walk/run interval style or whatever you can do at the moment. You might hurt, but don't get discouraged! You've got your mind in the right place so follow through while the motivation is there!


Good luck!



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Congrats on the scholarship! I think you are very brave.

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As many people have said, the biggest thing to getting fit is diet, 80% of getting fit is what you eat. I don't know what you are eating right now, but this might be a great time to help both yourself and your family (it can be difficult to try and eat one way while your family is eating another), these days kids especially can have trouble learning to eat the right things and so forth. Another big thing is not to try and do too much, too soon......so for example, cutting down on the amount of soda you drink is a good first step, with the goal being to try and drop it entirely (diet soda is not really any better for you than the 'real' stuff). Also, if you tend to eat a lot of grain based food (bread in particular, or rice), try to cut down the amount you eat of it, and what you do, try to eat whole grain versions (whole grain bread, rice). 


One of the biggest things is learning portion control, which usually translates into let's say a palmful of lean protein (chicken, fish, lean meat), several palmfuls/fistfuls of vegetables/salad (those are almost unlimited, in the sense that they have relatively few calories per given size portion), if you have grains maybe a small palmful..for snacks, small portions of nuts, or fruit, are good snacks. Healthy fats , like olive oil, nuts, coconut oil and the like, are important,too, in small portions. I can tell you that dropping sugar and grains out of my diet (I have had some grains, pseudo grains like quinoa, rice), made my blood sugar level out and I don't get as hungry as I used to, which in turn means I don't eat as much. The thing is, this isn't a diet, this is all about lifestyle changes, something to hold onto going forward. One of the biggest things you can do is try to stay away from prepared or takeout meals, and if you do get takeout, try and find dishes that aren't super prepared (for example, a dish from an Asian restaurant that is stir fried vegetables and meat, is a lot healthier than Kung Pao chicken:).  Since you already have done something important in changing your life (congrats on the GED and the scholarship), good time to start the rest..and I think you will find the chance in diet will help your family, too.

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I don't have anything to offer here that anyone hasn't already said (beginner's bodyweight workout, jogging/running/whatever tickles your fancy) but I just wanted to say I've got huge respect for your will to improve and the accomplishments you've already nailed. =)


Also, I'd say you're in an advantageous position. =) It may not feel like it at the moment, but let me tell you what: loving the burn is one of the most basic challenges for anyone who wants to get fit. I've got two siblings, the older of whom has lofty aspirations (we all do) but doesn't get much of a high from exercising. Then I can even compare myself to my friends who've handily accomplished their strength goals while I'm still piddling around with basically my genetic default and haven't made a whole lot of progress. The difference? They love the burn. =)


If you can marry your notion of success with the notion of the daily grind, the soreness, the sweat... then you'll find yourself accomplishing goals with a great deal of ease. I have a feeling you already know what that initial momentum feels like, though. =) So take that shit and run with it! Write up a challenge for yourself (if you haven't already) that's honest in scope and join the rest of us for this first six weeks of 2014. I'd love to see your progress track along.


Best of luck!


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