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What keeps you going when life is coming at you like mario to goombas

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This past 2 weeks life has been just smacking me around. Cars are breaking, i currently have temporary custody of my pregnant 16 year old sister while the fbi finish there investigation, totally screwed up finances , manage upset a lot of people and just feels like life wants to kick me repeatedly. When every thing goes down what keeps you moving forward?

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Knowing that my very existence is an inconvenience to everyone that stands in my way, and because of that they would have an easier time if I either quit or cleaned my ears out with a shotgun. Fuck them. Fuck the haters, the negators, the downers, and the and anyone that isn't on board with what I am sure is a noble pursuit in taking your sister under your wing at the expense of everything else. Fuck them. Never give them an inch, and certainly never let them win. When this is all said and done you can drink a cold beer with your feet up, knowing that you are a stronger, better person because of what you have endured and come out on top. The people who you inconvenienced? They'll still be bitching and hating, going nowhere like usual.

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My training log




Hudson Valley Strongman presents Lift for Autism (USS), April 16th Contest report


Hudson Valley Strongman presents Lift for Autism (NAS), April 18th Contest report

Eighth Annual Vis Vires Outdoor Strongman Competition (Unsanctioned), August 1st Contest report


"What's the difference between an injury that you train around and an injury that you train through?"

"A trip to the hospital"

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Whenever bad stuff happens to me, I always ask myself: "Is this the worst thing that has ever happened to you?"


And the answer is no; I've been through some horrible stuff, but nothing compares to being pepper sprayed, tear gassed or shot with a beanbag round at close to point blank, all of which have happened to me, and all of which I have made it through.  So if someone cuts me off in traffic, or my friends stand me up for dinner plans, or my bills seem a tad higher than last month, I can seriously ask myself: "Would you prefer to be shot again, or deal with this like a man and shut up about your complaints?"  Even the really bad stuff, like having to hide my car so it wouldn't be repo'd, being arrested and having to wake my friend up at 3am to bail me out...  Nothing compares, and so nothing gets to me.  Never forget the worst day in your life; it's an important reference point.

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Well, based on some reflection and hindsight, I would say my pattern is this: First I wallow around in self pity and think why me. Then when I get to the point that I can't stand myself anymore, I decide fuck this, fuck that and fuck them and I get up and do one small thing that's been bothering me. Like scrub the bathtub, or fix something, or pay a parking ticket which leads to other things getting done which relieves some stress and burden. Then I get gloomy again so I go on a bender. Then I pick myself up by telling myself a list of all the awesomeness in my life. Throughout the crisis I worry incessantly and suffer major anxiety, so then I read a self help book and by the time I'm done with all of that crap, whatever the crisis was is usually over and I say, why did I put myself through that?

So, the moral of the story? This too shall pass. Just go on living and putting one foot in front of the other. After all, things could be worse!




Don't Chew what you should Eschew!

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Simple, but not easy:


I focus on the things I can actually do something about and try very hard to just let go of the crap that is out of my control. It has the dual benefits of not stressing over every little thing and actually slowly improving my life.


I also have a lot of conversations with myself about whether or not the things bothering me actually matter and, if so, why? Many times, I find that it really does matter or that there's something in my control that I can do to make it better or avoid letting it happen in the future.

If your can't fix it with bacon, you're probably going to die.

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