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Sub for Tire Flips

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We did tire flips today as part of an oh-so-fun "New Year's Resolution" workout. It actually was fun, but brutal fun. I was getting frustrated because even after months of working out, I'm still the last person to finish, by a long shot. I asked my trainer why the heck I'm still so slow and he kind of laughed and said it's because the weights I'm using are big relative to my size. Which helps I guess.


Anyway...I like tire flips but I can't yet get the tire off the ground by  myself. What's a good exercise to sub for these when I work out on my own?

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Proper tire flips, if they're heavy, starts more with a push than a strict dead. So, I'd suggest heavy heavy prowler pushes, if you've got access to one,

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Lots of Deadlifts

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Sumo deadlift high pull. It mimics the explosiveness of a tire flip more closely than a deadlift does.

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285# Log Clean and Press

1k Row under 3:20

Back Flip

Bodyweight Turkish Get-up


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Sumo deadlift high pull. It mimics the explosiveness of a tire flip more closely than a deadlift does.

^^^ Agree! Also, push up and forward through the entire movement.  Imagine a linebacker coming off the line in football.  It helps to get one leg driving through the tire so you can get your body quickly behind it.

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Most of what they said will help


a smaller tire will help you get better at tire flipping as a technique

Prowlers will get you stronger all around, and the tire flip does start as a push.

Deadlifts, well, for most of the rest of the movement.

the Continental Clean would be great if you could practice, but, you'll need good coaching.


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