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Raptron's First Gymnastics Meet


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Yep, that's the way I learned them! I just went down to lower and lower surfaces. Some more pointers are to look at your hands the entire time. And the more flexible you are the easier they get. If you practice the wall walks try make them less clumsy by putting less weight on your hands and use the legs and hips to support you.  

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Sooooo jelly that lumbar flexibility. My lumbar vertebrae are stacked wrong, so I can't even aspire to that sexy posture. <3


You did quite well on this challenge, I'd say. No question. You trained your ass off, rolled with the punches, and made wise decisions. You've got the upcoming meet handled easily if you keep up like you've been. =D


7/1/18: 184lbs/83kg @ 18%   | 1RM Bench:~150lbs/68kg Squat: ~250lbs/113kg Dead: ~315lbs/143kg
8/5/18: 174lbs/79kg @ 16.4%
Goal      155lbs/70kg @ <15% | 1RM Bench: 205lbs/93kg Squat: 265lbs/120kg Dead: 335lbs/152kg


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I loved following you this challenge! You are an inspiration and your ankle sucks but that's not your fault. You did well! I liked the photo and explanation you gave instead of a video. It's actually still really clear!

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You were inspiring to follow despite the setbacks, in fact- I think you did so much even with a busted ankle.. That's an eye opener for sure! 

Next one, nationals? That's going to be a winner :D 


On a side note, I'm going to go check my shoulder flexibility now. A walkover has always been on my wish list, even though I can't devote much time to atm. 

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Ugh, you guys are the best. <3


New challenge thread is up, as I join the league of overachievers that post theirs super early.



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Raptron, alot assassin

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just stopping by to say hi. 

i don't have much else because i am a major cranky pants. but <3 you.

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You kicked so much gymnastics butt this challenge! Working through an injury is tough, but you managed to do that for the most part.  I am really excited to follow your new challenge!


Also if you do ever get the back walkover tutorial video to work I'd love to see it.  Considering I'm working on getting my back walkover.  Haha.

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