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What kind of Spartan race are you doing? Sprint, super or beast?


I did make a 1K loop around my neighborhood to practice: carry a log for a lap, do the monkey bars and balance beam at the school, climb the net on the baseball field, muscle up on a soccer goal, then go home to climb rope, crawl a lap in the backyard, pump out 30 burpees and practice spear throw. Then a second lap of the same without carrying the log. It was only something to get me ready close to the race, but I mostly just did running and general fitness.


Crossfit is pretty good training. You would want to make sure you've trained to go whatever distance the race is. Given your ability, I don't think you have much to worry about. Not that it'll be EASY ... but you can do it.


There are a few skill based obstacles- rope climb and spear throw- that are worth practicing if you haven't done it. Because burpees suck. I used a broom handle to practice spear throw. There's videos on line to teach technique for those. You can just about always find a video of a previous year's race to get an idea of what you'll run into. Then you can decide what, if anything, you need to work on.


I've never user pads, but I might also enjoy pain a little more than is normal. I have friends who consider them important. Try crawling around on the bare ground sometime (dirt or rough grass) and see how you feel.

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It's a Super. There's a sprint the next day, but my friends are all doing the Super, so (no, I wouldn't jump off a bridge if they were doing it). Also, it's like 7 hours drive away, so we need to do the one on Saturday.


Thanks for the input and suggestions! I do feel better about it. I'm going to really try to do something extra with my upper body and my endurance, because those are going to be my weak points. Looks like it's time to start doing 5ks again.

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