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Matt's "Breaking Bad" Habits Challenge


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Greetings and salutations Rebels. It has been some time since I've been involved in the challenges, and as the new year begins hope springs that the changes we want to see in ourselves can be realized. And so begins a new challenge.


Starting weight: 239.1


I've set some specific goals for 2014 (not resolutions, those are destined to fail!). Breaking those up into 6-week accomplishments is a nice way to reach those elusive realities come Dec. 31, 2014. So here are my goals for the first of many successful challenges this year:



Main Goal:

Develop and maintain a consistent workout regimen over the next six weeks. My minor goals will play into this, but at the end of six weeks I want to feel as though I can move through the winter with a regular workout schedule. I won’t set specific quantitative goals just yet, that will come in the next challenge. Right now, it’s about creating good habits.


I'll post starting stats and maybe pic on Monday (first day in the gym).


Minor Goal #1: Run 5 times a week.
I’m going to be re-upping my membership to the Recreational Facility on campus where I work, so I’ll have access to the indoor gym. I don’t particularly like running outside while it’s cold. And we’ve hit that time of year when it’s….cold outside. So, this goal is to get up there and run each morning, and try to hit at least 3-4 miles per run. More is better.
A: 25-30 runs
B: 19-24 runs
C: 13-18 runs
D: 7-12 runs
F: 0-6 runs

Minor Goal #2: Weight Room three times per week.
I want to get back into a weight lifting habit as well. No specific lifting goals here yet, I kind of want to understand my max lifts for the big ones: Bench, Squat, and Deadlift, so that my future challenges can build upon those. The weight room is closed the first week of the challenge, so I'll adjust my numbers based on that. I'm going to follow the StrongLifts program.
A: 15 days
B: 10-14 days
C: 5-9 days

F: 0-4 days

Minor Goal #3: No soda during work hours
I desperately need to break the addiction of just grabbing a soda quickly. Part of this is keeping them out of my fridge in the office, and stop being lazy and get a damn refill into my water bottle. I don’t necessarily know how to grade this so I’ll basically go with the day that I don’t drink one.
A: 30 days
B: 24-29 days
C: 18-23 days
D: 12-17 days
F: 0-11 days


Minor Goal #4: Eat Primal Breakfast and Lunch (Hey, nothing wrong with more goals!)

I have terrible eating habits (see soda addiction) and will grab whatever sweet thing, or easy greasy thing I can to fill a need. And I tend to eat just to eat. Need to get that under some control. There are 60 opportunities to eat primal for breakfast and lunch, so we'll see.

A: 50-60 meals

B: 40-49 meals

C: 30-39 meals

D: 20-29 meals

F: Less than 20.

Life Goal
Get finances in better order. Not very original, but my wife and I have plans for home improvements and other expenses for this year. I need to cut out some of the frivolous things that are purchased, get things off of the credit card, get more money into savings.

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Your goals look really well laid out and realistic!  I find for me, eating well requires pre-planning and prep so that the "easy" thing to grab is healthy.  I usually spend one whole day cooking for the week - I typically make breakfast sausage patties, a soup (lunches), and a supper item.  I've just started blogging my cooking days and posted everything I make on fridays!  Pop over to my thread to check it out! 


Best of luck with everything for this year!! 

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It's not just cold outside- it's freezing. It was -14 with the windchill. How am I supposed to leave the house when it's like that?  It's like the universe is telling you to stay home and hoard food.  For your life goal, are you working on a budget?

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Part of what I want to do is pull everything into a budget. Right now I want to remove unnecessary expenses (monthly subscription things that I no longer use, payments that I can reduce, etc.).


By the way - I live near Madison, WI. Monday and Tuesday morning wind chills are forecast to possibly hit -55. Good times, good times!

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Mmmmm, cold weather - Today was -35C...aka -31F with a wind chill of -50C (-58F).  WHY DO I LIVE HERE?!?!?!  


One of these days I want to be better at budgeting, but right now it's hard because I live quite comfortably on what I make, so there's not urgency to track it all.  Getting rid of those unnecessary expenses is good - so many things just slip by without even noticing them! 

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Week 1, Day 1

Hit the track in the morning. I used the outdoor run setting on my iPhone 5S Nike+ running app, and I don't think the calibration was correct. At times it had me jogging and walking at the same pace. Gonna keep an eye on that. Ran for about 30 minutes.


Breakfast was three hard boiled eggs.


Lunch was a chicken breast, plenty of fruit (apple, grapes) and some string cheese. Got very hungry later on in the afternoon, however, and broke from primal and had some french fries. Tagging myself for that - I opted for easy and tasty, instead of something a little bit better of a choice.


No soda during the workday.


Week 1, Day 2

Hopped on the treadmill this morning to see about the calibration. Seemed fine there! Wonder if it's something with the GPS and me running around a little circle on the indoor track? Hmm. Jogged for a little over 30 minutes.


Anyway, breakfast was three boiled eggs. Lunch is going to be some meatballs my wife made last night (not sure how primal these might be - but I'm avoiding the sandwich part of what we had for dinner last night :) ). Also have grapes, an apple, and some carrots to nosh on to hopefully avoid that mid-afternoon craving. Also have my almonds!




Jill - my wife and I live pretty comfortably, but we have a lot of maintenance that needs to be done to our 50-year-old house (siding, gutters, windows) that we want to save up for; we also need to replace our Ford Escape and are looking at a Ford Explorer.

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Ah, yeah, I can definitely see that being an issue with an older house, and things always seem to come up in multiples!


Good job on the no soda.  I hope today if you have any mid-afternoon cravings there are non-fry options :)  You don't have to be perfect, just better than yesterday!

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Week 1, Day 3

No workout today - wife had errands to run, so I was on kid drop-off and pick-up duty. Intended to get to the gym during the day but meetings kept piling up, and I didn't have a free hour to go to the gym. Will have to get a jog in this weekend to meet my 5-day goal.


Breakfast was sausage links and three boiled eggs.


Lunch was a sort of nachos - taco meat with cheese, a little bit of sour cream, and some tostitos chips. Not primal, but not terrible either. Grapes and carrots on the side.


Back to it tomorrow morning with jogging.

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Week 1, Day 4

Morning routine shot due to children drop-off stuff. I'll be heading off to the gym here in about 20 minutes to get my jog on.


Lunch was not good. Chicken salad, but had on buns (wheat, but none the less). Grapes, carrots, and almonds. However, did nosh on some provided cookies at a video shoot. Bummer.


Still no workday sodas, though, so going strong there.

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