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Internal clicking in my right hip, not painful.


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Well, I think I figure it out on my own  :nevreness:. It is called snapping hip and this is what I found out.


Why do I have a clicking in my hip?
Too much butt gripping  (flat or no butt syndrome) 
Going too low with squat that causes a posterior tilt
posterior pelvic tilt posture
weak muscles: hip flexors, quadriceps & spinal erectors
tight muscles: glutes, hamstrings and lower abdominals
Exercises for posterior tilt
figure 4
psoas strengthening
4 techniques for Posterior Pelvic Tilt
1- roll on a medicine ball on glute & hip
2- pigeon pose â€” one minute each side
3- hamstring stretch   
4- cobra pose
Other suggestions:
Cat/Cow pose
Clams 2 x 8 each side
Planks 3x40 sec
Bridge pose
Reach pattern with a split stance
Sled push



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Yeah - mine does that, too. I can feel the ligament pop over the bone in the front of my hip. Psoas release was very helpful for me - it didn't get rid of it entirely, but did stop my hip from hurting. I didn't know what it was called. Thanks for posting the follow-up!

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