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lets talk undies...

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Alright ladies, I've done a search of the forum, and didn't find anything but feel free to point my dumbass in the right direction if I missed it ... 


I've recently started lifting again as well as CrossFit. I need help figuring out what fellow ladies have success with underwear for workouts.


Requirements: stay up at the top and down in the back... I think you might know what I mean... 


Thanks for any recommendations!

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Maybe I'm a nasty girl, but I don't wear underwear when I workout. Typically I wear some kind of cropped legging (lululemon or other) and nothing underneath. I check that shit in the fitting room for see-through-ness by doing deep squats. Also, many of the shorts I wear have built ins.


I will say that I've heard (although I haven't experienced) that thongs can be a bacteria superhighway between your back and front. So if you're really worried about panty lines, just go commando and skip the yeast infection.

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I stopped wearing anything under my workout shorts and capris about a year ago - and I just make sure I buy ones that are designed for this. My running shorts have built in briefs and my spandex and capris have the gussets in the crotch area. I just make sure they fit well and aren't see-through. 


What I found was that not only did I not have to worry about wedgies or the tops showing on my back, the clothes actually fit a lot better and stayed up better. 


I know girls at my gym that prefer loose, basketball style shorts for working out in, and they wear the little compression shorts underneath in place of undies - they cover well if anything shifts and they stay put.


Now my only problem is remembering to pack undies in my bag if I'm changing into non-gym wear after a workout - there have been a few times when I went to change to head to work/out to dinner/whatever and realized I didn't have any undies with me.

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I just wear cotton thongs for exercise. Thong catches the asscrack sweat. It ain't classy, but it does work.

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I wear terramar workout undies and love them. They go all the way up to size XXL (hard to find) and feel like wearing nothing. No wedgies, and they breathe well.


I bought them at sierra trading post, link is below: http://www.sierratradingpost.com/terramar-body-sensors-tech-jersey-panties-bikini-briefs-for-women~p~3256a/?colorFamily=01&merch=prod-rec-prod-3256A

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I go commando in the gym and at kickboxing down below however I do wear a sports bra for all exercise except swimming !! Only time I wear anything else is at the time of the month incase of accidents (worst nightmare at kick boxing as I can't disappear mid way through a mixed training like I would at the gym if I was worried) and then I wear black cotton shorts !! But have to say they do annoy me !!

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Thanks for all the input!  I've seen a lot of the women lifters at my box wearing the black, what we call "booty shorts".  And they've said most of the same reasons as you all.  I'm just not all that comfortable with my thighs yet to try that.  But maybe the UA capri tights I've been wearing aren't staying up because of the slippery-ness of them combines with undies. 


I can't do thongs in the gym.  Squats or lifting + thong just does NOT work for this girl. 


Thanks again for your candid feedback!  I knew I could count on the rebellious gals!

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I don't think normal underwear would... but someone did ask about control wear earlier, which yes, probably would restrict some movement.


My shorts don't give me wedgies - they're ones that are designed to be worn without underwear if you want and they fit properly. But underwear do give me wedgies when I squat, and that's unpleasant to say the least. I had zero idea how much underwear affected the fit of my shorts (and made them slide down all the time) until I forgot undies one day and went without. I haven't looked back since. But to each their own. Do what you gotta do to get things done, and don't show me your lady bits while I'm trying to focus on my work and we're all good. 

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I usually wear compression shorts and if it's cold enough, sweatpants on top of them. I normally wear thongs, which aren't the most comfortable after a workout if you know what I mean, and I like the support.

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This is brilliant! And not a question I'd ever have thought to ask! 


I forgot to pack extra knickers for yoga once and went without - on reflection it was probably more to do with the crappy "back-up" leggings that I kept in the car than the "commando" situation, but the apparent camel toe that I noticed when I went into shoulder stand has been quite sufficient to put me off a repeat performance ever since!


I opt for cotton thongs that are a size bigger than I usually wear - mostly for VPL purposes! And, y'know - cause it just seems like good sense to have another layer to catch the inevitable sweat... 

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Good quality thick leggings and yoga pants, no undies.  Shorts,  men's extra long boxer briefs.  I get really bad thigh chafe when I work out if I don't have something against my skin, and men's underwear are more durable and more comfortable than the  women's knock off versions.  Also they come in  a better size range.  Just make sure you  buy a set without a cock pocket, cause that is awkward if you don't have one. 

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I wear microfiber high-cut briefs. The ones that come in multi-packs from Target are fine. They're supposed to be "no VPL," which Of course is impossible, but I don't think it's too bad. I just make sure they don't have a cotton crotch, for all the same reasons I don't wear cotton exercise tights. Yuck!

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I'm a big fan of Title Nine for bras and undies for working out. Very comfortable. The only time I don't wear undies is under bicycle shorts. OTOH - I just bought some compression shorts with a running-shorts overlayer that may be more comfy without undies. I'll try it. 


I can't handle wearing leggings in the weights area - first thing I check when I try on a pair of bottoms for workout is whether there's any camel toe issues. I don't wanna be thinking about what might be showing at my crotch when I'm working with a heavy bar. 

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I started the no-undie thing too. Used to wear em, but found they dragged my leggings down, or they would fall down and i'd have to reach in and pull em up like Zoolander. I can't work out in sweats, have to have leggings or tight yoga pants.. baggy just doens't work for me. 


it really depends on the shorts when I'm exercising in them - if they have built in undies or are tight at the leg, no issue - but if theres a chance for a peekaboo, hell yes I am wearing underwear! I try to avoid thongs - because there is nothing worse than being in a squat and getting a thong wedgie. For chafing in shorts I just got chafing gel stuff - got it before I went on vaca (cause I knew there's be chafing) and it worked wonders. went on clear, you couldn't notice it, and my leg was suddenly so damn soft! 

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You guys. Oh em gee. 


The no show undies from VS. I am in love. My leggings keep them in place wherever they are, they're super snug but so stretchy that they allow you to move every which way without feeling any pull/tug or resulting in an unfortunate camel-toe. Super plus- no panty line in compression pants! I already do a little dance in my white compression pants to make sure they're not see through but these made me wiggle my tush a little more. 



I couldn't go without 0 undies and never really minded undies but these....ahhhhh, so happy about them :D Also, wait for the 7 for 27 deal, less than 4 bucks a pop per!

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