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Tkal still working on balance


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Time to wrap this up

I aced the "seeds", managing not to miss even one teaching day :pride:
This gives me
+ 2 CHA, + 1 DEX, +1 WIS

With the daily rain I have a nice 90% done and the missing 4 days it was because spending time with my nephew was more important. So I give me full marks also there
+ 2 CON, + 2 DEX, + 2 STA

The handstand practice was painful, but thanks to the last challenge I managed to finish strong and got 33 days out of 42 done. Let's make things easier and round this up to 75% (although it is 78.57%)
+ 1.5 DEX, + 0.75 STR

And also the life quest was done

Overall I think this was a really good challenge for me, challenging but not impossible.
Now, looking at the future, I will drop the karate-related bits. I'll keep training (and teaching) as usual, but I saw this round that I really need to work on my general condition (reflected also in my stats...). So, next challenge will be basic bodyweight strength, running, eating cleaner (and less). Sounds something ranger-like. Or just the training by Muten-Roshi in the training island

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Tkal, level 8 Dwarf assassin playing with the monks

STR 13.5 | DEX 19.25 | STA 16 | CON 18.75 | WIS 18 | CHA 14.5

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"Patience you must learn"

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Or just the training by Muten-Roshi in the training island


Oh lord, I just watched that episode again 2months ago, first time in 25years give or take.   I almost died laughing.  The 'milk-run'. :  Skippeh, skippeh, skippeh  ;   Zigge Zagge, Zigge Zagge 



Strong challenge!  gratz!

Nusuth Revamped

Current Challenge


You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf 

 Jon Kabat-Zinn

A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.

Napoleon Hill



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