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Cheechoe: Stand On My Feet, Dance the Warrior

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Where did I put that challenge.....


....Oh. There it is.

Goal: Becoming a Warrior: Doing it right.

As some of you know, at the very end of the last challenge my boxing coach, who had grown very dear to me, passed away suddenly. Part of my life that was quickly growing came to an abrupt halt.

But I am a fighter. I pick myself back up and join you guys the battlefield; here among other warriors who are gaining strength, preparing for their own battles. I need to re-gain focus. So I come here.

I come to gain strength. I come to fight. I come to win.

I Come to Gain:

As part of my last challenge, I began starting strength and ended with some....eh...satisfactory gains. During The Holidays I back tracked (haven't lifted in 3 weeks...and ate all the things....oops).

Strength Goals:

  • Continue Starting Strength (need to finish the book...)
  • 3X week have strength building focused workout (in addition to lifting)
  • Start serious progressions to get a barbell snatch by 4T. (so close I can tas......No. Not going there.)

um..+4... STR...duh?

I Come to Fight:

Wait...warriors fight?? I can't spend all day PREPARING for battle. Let's do this. (Monk at heart)

  • TaeKwon-Do 3X week
  • Bag work (preparing for competition in March)
  • Boxing (remembering Coach's drills)

STA: 3, Dex: 2

I Come To Win:

I am my own worst enemy. Last challenge, I decided to try a Primal diet.



Like 50% compliance. (Milk Stout WHY YOU SO GOOOOOOOOOOD)

This time....oh, this time. I will WIN. I will conquer my eating habits (always the hardest for me).

  • Primal diet
  • excepting 4T because, who am I kidding, I'll have all the alcohols.

+3 CON

Side Quest:

One thing Richie's death taught me was that you can impact people in any aspect of your life. I still maintain that your relationships with others during your time here on earth are a huge part, if not THE Meaning of Life. (...and something about 42).

I need to take advantage of my seemingly infinite series of "nows" of time. I don't want to waste it; not with so much potential benefit. I have come to find the more I impact others, the more fulfilling MY life is. Isn't it weird how selflessness can lead to so much self fulfillment? *shrugs* We are a social people; I guess it follows, logically. I have felt a bit lost lately....and I think I found a way to find me. I exist only to the extent I actualize myself. I am, in a sense, my actions. Time to act.

This is mostly my take on Sartre, by the way ... (and a bit of Kierkegaard). I am not that clever. I just eat this stuff up. Fave quote alert:

"Man...exists only to the extent that he fulfills himself; he is therefore nothing else but the ensemble of his acts, nothing else than his life." - Jean-Paul Sartre

Ok, now I'm rambling. *Cough* My life quest is to impact someone, somehow, weekly.

Who? Not sure

What? Not sure

But I will be scoping out opportunities. Maybe telling someone I care about what they mean to me. Very hard.

Maybe going out of my way to do a selfless act.

I probably won't post my achievements here because a) It may involve someone of which is none of your business b ) I'm not looking to get any pats on the back....searching for personal fulfillment.

I will, for accountability's sake, post some vague description. So you guys can remind me when I'm losing faith in humanity... Again. :)

I'm not doing this for Richie, though he impacted me greatly. I'm doing it because that's the kind of person I wish to be.

So act already.

+ 2 CHA. +1 WIS

Here we go....

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i'm listening....




 go on....








Cheechoe is playing with the warriors? 




I may be a bit excited







Also, you are so fast!! HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!?!?!

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BigM has minions to post minion gifs for him.


I believe you.


Pretty much.




The most entertaining exchange I've read all day. Subb'd.


Wow! New friend already!













Hai Zombiekiller! Nice to meet you! :)











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Hope you don't mind if I hang out.


I would hunt you down if you didn't! :D         (Don't hate me cuz I'm a WARRIOR!!!!)


Pssssht....     upside-down-reverse-dragon-flag-thingi??? ....all in a day. ;)



You win at the gif's! 




Are.....are you looking at Kishi's gif? Because that is awesome.







Hey Buuuuuuuuuuuuddy! :D





Eep! Cheechoe is a Warrior this challenge?!




Why are famous people talking to me?


Yeah, Ima try to hang with you Warriors...



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I found you and I forgot to bring my gifs.  I feel so unprepared.  :hopelessness:


s'OK! Don't worry, I have plenty of gifs for everybody! :D


YAY! I'm glad you came to join the PARTEE!


Good luck on your Assassin challenge!! :eagerness:


Hahaha - that Kevin Hart gif is priceless. 



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BTW - I love how I have 2 pages of NOTHING so far ;)


I promise I have a challenge. Did my workout already, but have to work so no time to type it up.




Be Prepared.




duhn Duhn DUHNNnnnnnnn....

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