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Curse of the Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter

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The curse of the Mad Hatter

My name is Guybrush Threepwood Mad Hatter and I want to be a pirate burlesque/aerial/contortionist. But alas I have been cursed with a three-headed monkey on my back. It feeds me excuses and dark thoughts and it needs to leave so that I can finally begin my adventure.      




Goal 1 - Party trick

I was recently challenged to a party trick duel and I'm ashamed to say I failed to perform. The monkey said I couldn't do it, and it might be right but I will never know for sure. For 3+ CHA and 2+DEX I will have a bendy party trick that I can perform solidly, even with too much grog in my system. To do this I will go to every scheduled acro/flex class plus one additional training session to solidify my skills. 





Goal 2 - Grog

Speaking of grog, I need to fuel my body. Not the monkey. For 3+ CHA and 2+ WIS I will start tracking my diet again and I will not binge.





Goal 3 - Dairy farmer

Ouch. The monkey is telling the truth and it stings. I have become weak and need to start strength training again. For 5+ STR I have to do at least 10 sets per week of push/pull/leg/core and backbend exercises as I see fit. 





Life goal - Find shelter

I travelled far and wide across the oceans and now I'm stranded in a cold island civilization. I need to find shelter, ASAP, before I can think of any other life goal. No reward except sanity.





Just kidding, I already told you the monkey was on my back. 

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And don't forget to work on your show that you wanted to perform for us! If I recall correctly it had something to do with underwater and since you're stranded on an island with lots of water around it to be practiced in.... Not that I want to preassure you or anything. :P


Great goals for getting back in the game! 

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Good luck on your challenge, Hatter. You're going to knock this one out

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This is the best themed challenge of all time. Best of luck! And if you want really DO want an impressive, but generally safe party trick skill, I find that a valdez works quite nicely. ;)

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Lets go be pirates! 



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Hatter! Glad you made it safe to the land of the ice and snow! I can't see your pic without thinking of this song now





How many hours did spend on Monkey Island as a kid? Way too many! Great game, especially the spitting competition was my favorite bit :)


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Wow, somehow I feel slightly ashamed that I've never heard of/played this game before.  Must find!


I can't wait to see your trick!

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Sorry, I wanted to reply to everyone individually but my internet is painfully slow right now so I'm lucky if I can get one post in (yay hotel living...). But I'm stoked to have you with me this challenge, it's going to be so much fun! :D



Day 1 & 2 update


Party trick

There's so many party tricks I want to learn! Not sure which one I want to aim for yet though... I'll decide once I got back to regular practice to see where I'm at right now. I haven't done anything for such a long time! But, Raptron, a valdez might be just a tad out of my league. ;) Maybe in like a year hahaha.



I can't cook in my room so my eating sucks but hey it's stable at least and I'm tracking.


Dairy farmer

I did 3 sets of half-arsed push-ups today (eww I've got so weak!) and say 3 sets of bridges and cobras yesterday in flexy class. I was disappointed by the class though, the level was too low. I need someone that cracks the whip. :P Hope I can cancel or at least change it to something else... Though I was happy to see that I haven't really lost any leg flexibility for having stretched maybe once in almost 2 months. But my bridges were terrible and I really need to even out my left and right splits.



No luck... 


Also, I need to get gym access so I can find some room to play! Things to do, things to do...  

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That's a good start! Hope you get settled in soon and find everything you need to become even more awesome!

- Abtacha -

Challenges: #1, #2, #3, #4

"Conquer yourself and the world lies at your feet."

"Take care of your body as if you were going to live forever, and take care of your soul as if you were going to die tomorrow."

- Saint Ausgustine -

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I found that handstand-into-bridge is always a good party trick. My best friend could do that and at least the guys seemed to appreciate it. Might have also been that she was rather... uh. Gifted in the breast-department and handstands and bridges don't exactly hide that. :D


Why are you in a hotel? D: And where in Sweden are you right now?

Just trying to get back on my feet. :)

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