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LostOne1775: Marines and Spartans


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Hey guys! It's a new year and that means a new look at how I lived last year. I've decided that I want to be able to sign up for the Marines either before or on my birthday. So I only have four months to be ready. I can do this!


Also I have a Super Spartan I have to get ready for that'll be starting Jan. 25, and I'll be running with another Nerd, the fabulous, Badass, and totally hardcore AWKWARDACTIVE!! And I'm really determined not to do a single freaking Burpee, or slow down AwkwardActive.


Goal 1: Train 3x a week: My training goal for this challenge is:

50 FULL pushups

100 Hanging Leg Raises

2 Chin ups

50 Squats with 100# sandbag


A+: Surpass at least two  

A: Accomplished goal  

F: Failed set goals


Goal 2: Exercise and Stretch Concho Everyday: This should be simple enough, I'll obviously postpone this goal when I'm gone to my race.


A+: Complete goal and take Concho hiking 2+x a week   

A: Complete Goal

F: Miss two days


Goal 3: Workout my Brain: This is my discipline, for me, anything mental related is hard. I have a really short attention span to certain things and tend to zone out when bored. Like Walter Mitty (awesome movie!).


A+: Memorize "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe, something I've always wanted to do!

A: Work and study everyday.

F: Nothing.


Goal 4: Grip Strength: If I want to achieve what I've been dreaming to do, then I need the grip of Hercules. I want to learn how to rock climb after all.


A+: Hold onto the bar past a minute.

A: 1 minute

F: Not even a minute.


Life Goal: Finish the Super Spartan.


Ready to make this year the most memorable of my life!

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As always I love your enthusiasm....however....I would suggest you adjust the week of the Spartan race.


That should be light exercise and stretching.  Believe me, short to medium runs at easy pace, few burpees, but not a lot.  You want your body to be ready for the challenges that will make.


The week after the Spartan you will want to give your body a few rest days.  It will need the time to heal and repair....believe me.


So I would tweak those goals.


FYI, I am back in this challenge, go see my challenge page.

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Good luck with the Whole30!  I'm doing a whole45 this challenge.  We can rock this together!

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BruteSquad: I thought of that already, you see *looks side to side* I, have a plan! And it's a remarkable plan, one I'm very proud of :D I will be staying with my nana on the week of the Spartan race because my volunteer day starts two days before. So I set aside a Secret Level (game nerd right here! LOL). Only light exercising like Yoga and stretching at my nana's, and after the race I will rest Sunday and Monday. It'll still fit in with my goals because I can get back to working out Tuesday and still get an A.


What do ya think?


otter905: We will come out of the ashes phoenixes!


Terinatum: LOL Thanks! Right back at you Badass!!


Eilyd: Thanks Eilyd, and thank you Liz Lemon! (I've just recently became a fan of 30 Rock)


CarolineJ: It's one of the levels of the Spartan Race, which is an obstacle race like the Tough Mudder. There's a Sprint, Super, and Beast. Super Spartan is 8 miles with 20 obstacles, and whatever obstacle you fail you have a penalty of 30 burpees. So yes, it will be tough!


Matt_72: I can't wait either! Kind of scared....


elizabeth1984: Just call me *pumps my shotgun Duchess* Ass Kicker!


Today was great! And then depressing :(


Ran the 5k mission on Zombies, Run. My time was 1:15 meh could have done better but I wanted to run up some hills, why? I don't know just thought, "Heeeeeey that looks like fun!" :P


I wanted to do some weight training but thought against it after running.


Breakfast: 3 eggs, 2 strips of bacon, and salad   Lunch: Nothing wasn't hungry   Dinner: Baked Polluck, veggies, and quinoa


Tomorrow I have to watch my neighbor's dog so I'll just be doing Calisthenics because I don't know when she'll be back. Hopefully at a decent hour so I can go run :)  I LOVE RUNNING!!


I found out tonight that my twin is preggers! Well, just one more reason to get out on my own. The funny thing was that we told my dad that it was going to happen, and he came in to tigerlilly919 and I's room saying, "I hate you!" LOL he was kidding of course but he says we jinxed it. I told him as he was leaving, "Hey dad what if it's another boy? You'll most likely have to pay for the circumcision again!" He said, "Shut up Rachael!" Hahaha he was so hoping they would get out of the house!

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I love the idea of the plan....... Here is the deal...the week before, good idea and it should be good, depending on the definition of light exercise.  I would go with yoga and maybe some easy calisthenics.  But, you may find two days of rest are not enough...I am speaking from experience....but you are young and you might not need the week recovery I did.


Just think you should reserve the right to recover IF YOU NEED IT, and not set up the goal where it is discouraging.


All comes from love.

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John AKA Brute Squad

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Love much, this will all be over in a minute :love_heart:

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BruteSquad: Your right, while I don't want to change my goals (they give me a really good excuse to get out of the house) I won't stress myself out after the race just to get an A on my goals. On the 5k I had to rest up for just a day and then I felt fine, so I'm not to worried about the 8 miles....yet :P


Nothing to report today, although I had good internet and wasn't doing much as a dog sitter I couldn't get myself to workout. It's all thanks to lack of sleep due to my broken wisdom tooth, thing hurts like a bitch!! But thanks to a shot of whiskey and burbon swirled in my mouth (and then promptly swallowed :)  ) I feel better now. Just have to find an affordable dentist now to yank the sucker out. Anyone know a respectable dentist clinic in Mexico?

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Terinatum: Yeah exactly! Also when I'm running it's like no one can catch me I'm free both mentally and physically for a little while. Same thing for tigerlilly919 when we walk. We take our sweet time the whole 6 miles because we don't to get home right away.


Eilyd: Give it a try! Don't focus on how far or fast, just run or skip for the joy of it! Stress just melts away...


BruteSquad: And that's one of the reasons Vikings couldn't survive a zombie apocalypse :) Runners are the future rulers of Zombieland!!


So today wasn't any better than yesterday, :(


I actually spent a lot of time looking at how I was preparing for my race and just Marines in general. And I've come to the conclusion that I've been going about it all wrong. There was an article on the difference between exercising and training and I've been exercising. Also I've been relying on motivation to get me pumped and not disciplining myself.


So I will be changing my goals. But I want to run the revised versions by you guys first:


#1 Goal: Train 3x a week. The training won't be graded on how tired I am after or how fast I ran but on how I push myself. So that means a time goal for running, rep goals for bodyweights, and pounds for weight lifting. And just 3x keeps me from stressing on not starting a workout, but if I do more than that amount a week then all the better!


#2 Goal: Exercise and stretch Concho everyday. I recently had a scare with my horse, he couldn't get up and was in pain. I thought I was going to have to put him down :( He's my first horse and a good one at that. But thankfully he's better. I just want to make sure it doesn't happen again!


I will confess I have been neglectful in keeping him fit but I want to change that.


#3 Goal: Exercise my brain. This will include, retention, memory, mental reflex, concentration, etc. Although I'm getting better at math, it still takes me ages to finish problems. And tests are timed! And there are other things I have to work on besides math.


#4 Goal: Grip strength. Having a good grip is essential to overcoming the obstacles in the race, but I'm unsure on how to grade this, any suggestions? I was thinking something like hanging on a bar for a minute and a half, is that to much or not enough? I also have a climber's donut that's 50lb resistance.


Life Goal is still the same, I want my license!!


What do you guys think? Any suggestions are most welcome!

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Side not: I'm still doing the Whole30 no matter what!!

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Side note: I'm still doing the Whole30 no matter what!!


Very glad to hear! Though you understand you won't get the full benefit if you don't follow it exactly for 30 days? If you are reading the book, it explains why you need the full 30 days to perfection. C'mon, Marine-to-be-soon, you have the self-discipline to do this! You go, grrl!

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I really like the division between training and exercise.

When I was running, it was training all the way.

I think your revisions are aimed more closely to what you want so yea, I thumbs up it!

Sent via my phone b/c my laptop is out of reach. Cheers!

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I agree, the revisions are a good idea. It's better to get 3 days of very effective training over 4-5 days of just mediocre exercise.


As for grip strength I'd say hang on a bar for as long as you can, and time it, then add a minute to that time and work to increase the hang time as the weeks go on. Also, speaking of climbers, rock climbers have loads of exercises they do to increase grip strength and forearm strength, I'd say google some and then do then 2-3 times a week.


And definitely be prepaired to give yourself some time off a few days before the race, and a few days (or a full week after) remember, strength comes from recovery, not the workout.

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I like the revisions. On your non training days work Concho. You will be active, a good owner and achieve your goal.

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Pallas Athena: The benefits so far I see from the Whole30 is, no more acne, increased energy, and the loss of the butt gut. Thanks for the book recommendation!


BruteSquad: Do.


Terinatum: Thanks for the thumbs up Teri!!


AwkwardActive: Rock climbing is one of the many things I want to learn, so it would pay to have an already kickass grip! Be prepared.


Lycan Thom: I really want to be a good owner, he's my buddy after all. He carried me up the Sierra mountains when I was at my heaviest, everyday for a whole week like a trooper and he was 22 with arthritis! My "Captain" Concho deserves a good retirement.


Thank you all for the encouragement and advice, I really needed it. I was starting to feel overwhelmed with what I had made my goals at first. The edited edition should be effective yet easy, in fact I made the ratings hardcore. No B, C, or D. I should be able to accomplish everything including the physical training with no problem. It's just a matter of discipline, and grit.


Today was good!


50 Hanging Leg Raises

25x4 Pushups

3x100m Sprints


6 mile walk with tigerlilly919


Evening Yoga


I practiced focus on the walk, I looked straight ahead instead of the ground, took in my surroundings, and even noticed things tigerlilly didn't! Now I need to work on keeping that up past 5 minutes.


Concho is doing really good now, I've been working and stretching him everyday and it show. I also ordered him some joint and weight supplements, paid by me. My mom has made it perfectly clear that since I have money but haven't given her any of it, I'm selfish and a brat. I have been saving it for emergency situation since they can't afford it. So whatever, she thinks I'm selfish then I'll spend it only on stuff for ME. Like my pets.


It's sad, my twin has two horses and yet she doesn't have to pay for them.


Part of my mental testing tomorrow is to finish my entire to do list. Usually I'll blow it off because I "don't feel like it", but it has to be done!

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Get out there and get it done.


I have to suck it up and do all the little jobs I have put off at the new house.  So that is my goal today, get some of them checked off.


You are not alone in feeling like skipping it.

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Turmeric is very good for arthritic horses :)  Just a teaspoonful in their feed, and if you don't already, try to keep him off grains and anything with sugar.  Cortaflex, by Equine America, is pricey, but excellent.

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