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fiOWNya: Preparing for Battle!


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"Guess who's back... back again..."


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am back.






I'm afraid the sugar demons and couch wizards captured me during the middle of the last challenge with their enchanted candies and Christmas movies. Though I feel bad for succumbing to their power, I have managed to escape their evil clutches with only a little bit of temporary damage - I am now back at the Assassins Guild, motivated and ready to regain my strength and discipline so that I may battle my captors, when the time is right.


With the help of my teachers and peers, I will fight off this lingering curse and feel healthy once again!






My goals for these next six weeks are simple.

  1. Do P90X2 every day. In the past, I've done a variety of workouts. This time, I need it decided for me. I need to show up and do it - I'm not mentally to the spot where I can make up my own workout. So, since I have it, I will do P90X2.
  2. Take my vitamins every day. These will keep my spirits high and ready to do battle with the sugar demons, should they find me.
  3. Stay gluten free. I'm breastfeeding, so no low-carb for me - I've seen how that affects me while I'm nursing, and it's not something that I wish to repeat. However, I will stay away from all gluten, so that my body has a chance to heal from the abuse it has endured these last couple weeks.
  4. LIFE GOAL: Plan out my day the day before. I have this spiffy new planner. I shall use it, and plan out what I'll do the next day, the night before. This shall help me stay on track and stay motivated. I also have a Habits Tracker printout for in my planner - I shall use this to score myself on my goals for this challenge.

How will I achieve these goals?

  • I will face what I fear. See that evil sugar demon up above? I will post him on all bad-for-me food choices (candy, cookies, gluten products), so that when my resolve falters or I go to the pantries out of boredom, I will see him and be reminded of who I am really fighting.
  • My goals will be posted next to my computer, where I can always see them.
  • My husband has my permission to be my taskmaster, teacher and motivator - when he sees me struggling, he can and will call me out on it. And, I hope, so will you.

This may seem odd, strange, or even useless. But, I know my problem is hiding my goals. Out of sight, out of mind. That won't be an option this time.


It'll all be out there.


Spring approaches quickly, and I must be ready for war. 



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I kind of wiped out half way through the last challenge as well, a lot of us did actually ha!  But it looks like you've got a good setup to make your comeback!  Good luck!  

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So, this is what happens when I try to work out (that and said boy using foam roller as a gun):




Lucky hubby gets to watch the kids when he gets home so that I can work out.


I'm going to make myself some breakfast, plan the menu so hubby can get food on his way home from work, and do some heavy duty cleaning.


Then, maybe, some Minecraft or book reading and playing with the kids.

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Well, didn't get to finish my workout today - hubby was home late and my 7 month old wouldn't let me put her down.


Since I did complete half the workout this morning, though, I'm pretty happy. All other goals were a success.


Tomorrow will be a busy day, I hope I'll wake up before the kids this time!

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Plyo has always been my weak spot, I've always been great at strength based workouts, not so great at the cardio ones. Avoid them whenever I can. ;)


I guess that means that that's what I should really be focusing on, eh?


Workout complete, vitamins and a late breakfast (lunch, really) in my tummy... time to play with the kids!

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Do any of you have husbands/wives that like to 'organize' your stuff? Can't find my second medicine ball for the life of me! *grumble grumble*


I can't believe it's already Thursday, time has gone very quickly.


I'll workout once hubby gets home, so he can show me where he stashed all my stuff. Kids have been fed, I've been fed, next on the list is some cleaning tasks around the house and read a book I've checked out (about assassins, of course - it's called Throne of Glass, for those that are interested).


I wish I had something more interesting to say during these updates, but frankly, my goals aren't that interesting, haha!

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Throne of Glass was pretty good! I liked it more than I thought I would.


The rest of my day, yesterday, wasn't very good.


When my hubby came home, I was hit by a wave of depression worse than any I've had in at least a couple years, and couldn't do much more than curl up and try to read a book.


My goals went uncompleted.


Feeling better today. Haven't worked out, yet, but feeling alright... the kids woke up really early, and the youngest is just crawling around while the 2 year old is taking a nap... so I'm taking the opportunity to relax a little.


Workout today is Yoga, which is another thing I haven't been able to get in to (at least the P90X version), but it'll be alright.

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*follows back*


Oh hey, you're a female! (This isn't a slight against you, this is me being surprised once more by my ongoing inability to tell males and females apart in any way, shape or form)


Depression sucks hard, but I'm glad you're feeling better/were feeling better (time zones . . . ) than you were yesterday and that you're feeling strong enough to continue on with your goals.

It's not much, but have a *hug* from me, and a hug from these guys too.


Reboot complete.

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So, week one review time.


I did... alright with some goals, not so well with others.


I'll start with today. Today was good, except I made one fatal error - I went to Costco hungry. Why hello there, hot dog!


Still, only one gluten containing item is not bad.


Here is my scoresheet for the week (the last two goals are not related to the challenge):




The red shows what I desperately need to work on. For this challenge, that is working out.


What I'm really looking for in this challenge is improvement, though, so there is definitely a lot I'll be able to improve with this upcoming week. So, let's keep pressing on!

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I like your scoresheet idea, and the idea of posting the sugar demon on bad items! 


Looks like you had a strong first week, with only a few slip ups I'm sure you'll let the awesome snowball as you go on :)  

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I can only get better from here. ;)


Had a fantastic workout today... haven't pushed myself that hard in a while.


I also finally got me some healthier snack foods, so it's been a bit easier to ignore the bowl of banana Laffy Taffys that my husband bought... a little bit easier.


I wonder if I can fit the sugar demon somewhere on that bowl? Hmm... I'll have to see if I can get it on there... ;)

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I have it hidden in the pantry for now, I'll probably get the hubby to take it to work tomorrow.


He'll be going to Ranger School next month, so once that stuff is purged it'll be out of here for at least 3 months. That'll be nice. An upside to him being gone so long (possibly longer).

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Did I know your hubby was a serviceman?  Mine just retired after 20 years.  Deployments are tough, but there are one or two perks, like complete control of the menu.


I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on these boards before. :)


Sadly, my husband is the better cook, so I'm not much looking forward to deployments... though it'll be a good time to get some practice in. ;)

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