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I don't know why I keep trying this.


I hate P90X2.


I know I hate P90X2.


I have been half-assing workouts because I loathe what I'm doing. It's hard to stay motivated. The kids can't be on their own that long. Each workout I get interrupted 5, 10 times.


I think I need to change what I'm doing. It's hard to get to the gym, but that's an option at night after hubby comes home. He doesn't want to have to be home alone with the kids after a long day at work, though.


I could do shorter workouts. I dunno what, though.



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Maybe a workout with the kids?  I used to do a Mommy and Me kind of workout developed by Parents magazine.  Some exercises you do together, for some the kid is the "weight", and others are you chasing the kid around while doing lunges and stuff.  It's not the mental break that exercising alone is, but it's easier to actually get it done.

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I did the thing that the P90X guy did before P90X... I dunno my mom had these DVD's and it was the same guy only it wasn't the X, and it was ok.  

I find that I don't like the DVD workouts. I like this one really sweet sounding chick on youtube ZuzkaLight. Mostly because I'm in small spaces, or travelling with the dude more often than not and her workouts usually don't require much other than body weight. 


Good luck with battling the sugar demon. 

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Hey Fiownya how did your third week go? I'm sorry you're not enjoying P90X :( 


Would something like this daily workout work better perhaps? http://neilarey.com/workouts/easy-daily-workout.html


That website has loads of graphics like that for workouts I suppose so they can be printed off easily :) 



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Funny thing is, I've done P90X2 in the past and already knew I didn't like it. :tongue: I just wanted a way to get myself to work out daily.


Meh. I'll figure it out.


3rd week was okay. A little worse than last week - but still decent. If I get a chance later I'll post the picture of the habit tracker.


This week is going to be busy, with a couple meetings and my parents coming over. It shouldn't affect my goals too much... but we'll see. I'll check in after the first of the month, that's when most of the busy stuff should be done. :tongue:


Today workout:

30 mountain climbers

30 lunges

30 squats


3x with 30 second break in between sets.

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Hi there!


I'm really bad about keeping this updated, aren't I? Challenge is still going alright. Had some set backs last week, but I'm ending strong.


I'm doing a different program right now, which is helping a lot. P90X2 was just too long - I didn't have 1 hour a day at one time, but I have plenty of little intervals to exercise in. So, I'm doing a workout that allows for that more. :)

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Neila Rey's 30 days of Change. It's okay, not super fantastic but it keeps me moving.


I don't know if I will do the next challenge, as I don't have the time to keep this thread interesting and it's a lot harder to do this challenge without interaction, but if I do I will definitely need to think more about the workouts.

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Oh cool, I've seen some of her workout infographics thingys and they always look good :) 

Well, we would miss you if you didn't come back! But I think we do have to remember that updating on here and making challenges is very much secondary to real life and we're here for support so we can just cheer you on :D But I can understand not having the time. 


Do you have any particular kind of goals for your workouts? 

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****This is a semi-automatic message from your robot guild leader****


End of the challenge! Time to report.


This time, to be eligible for the most wanted list of the challenge, to allow us to have more data about the guild and many other good reasons, the most important being: you don't want to make your Robot guild leader cry :'(, please report a summary of your challenge wrap-up in this online form:




It shouldn't take you more than 2 minutes of your time, but it would save us a lot! As Usual, you can also write a more detailed report in the Challenge wrap-up thread:



And in your own thread. Thanks for your time!


****This was a semi-automatic message from your robot guild leader*****

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