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Eboncat - we can rebuild her, stronger & more flexible!


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YES. feeling much better, thanks.


Friday I worked, but didn't get anything else done.  Saturday went much better - got to TKD class in the morning and did my weight workout and an extra core workout.  Got my food goals in too.  The week isn't looking so hot for my goals as a whole, but I did pretty well on my healthy days, as long as I finish up strong today.

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TANSTAAFL - Heinlein

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Oh where, oh where, has our Eboncat gone, oh where, oh where can she beee????

-If I've missed a different post, let me know - I'm terrible about finding people on forums.

Level 5 Lizardfolk: Assassin STR - 4, DEX - 3, STA - 5, CON -4, WIS - 20, CHA - 12

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