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Man, it's been awhile since my last challenge. Like, months and months. I really need this now - accountability and something to track what I'm doing. This should help me get on track in a big way.


Main Quest - Clean up my life

Not that my life is bad, not even close. Just a little messy, and it needs some cleaning up so I can feel like I'm actually doing something with it.


Goal #1 - Clean up my diet

Although I don't do CrossFit anymore (due to financial reasons - I really want to go back!), I still follow the box on Facebook and they are doing a Whole 30 challenge, starting today. So today, I'm starting Whole 30. I desperately need this because I've been eating horribly these past few months, put on a lot of weight, and need to get back on track. Plus I haven't been sleeping well and my eczema is starting to get ugly, and I want to fix both of those too. I don't think I have a problem with dairy, so I'm going to bring that back in after 30 days to see what will happen, especially my skin.


Goal requirements: Whole 30 for 30 days, then introduce dairy only to see how it affects me


Goal #2 - Clean up my glass

Water. I don't drink enough of it, and I need to. Especially at home, since I do a decent job of it at work. Now that it's winter, I really need it. I wake up feeling dehydrated almost every morning, and that's not good. I think this will also improve my skin issues, I hope.


Goal requirements: Drink all the water - minimum goal is 64oz a day.


Goal #3 - Clean up my workout skillz

I haven't worked out much in months, especially after having to drop CrossFit at the beginning of the summer. I'm sure I've lost of a lot of the progress I gained from doing WODs three times a week. I want to improve five specfici things before I go back to CrossFit - specifically squats, lunges, push-ups, double unders, and endurance. I'm setting the bar really low here - work out for 30 minutes at least once a week working on at least one of those skills. I feel like a massive underachiever setting it to anything less than 3 days a week, but I think I need to start small here.


Goal requirements: Work out for at least 30 minutes at least once a week, working on squats, lunges, push-ups, double unders, and/or endurance.


Side Quests

I'm a very messy person. Not like gross messy leaving food on the counter for days or spills uncleaned, more like a cluttered messy. Books, craft stuff, clothes - they just end up everywhere (my poor husband). It starts small, then it gets worse. I need to start nipping these in the butt sooner. I also want to clean up my cooking habits. I want to try new things during this Whole 30 experience.


Side Quest #1 - Clean up my junk

Yesterday my friend came over and helped me to clean up all my sewing/crafting/costume stuff, which was an absolute distaster. We didn't get all of it done, but now I have a space for everything, and over the next few days I will begin to put everything in its place. So my goal here is to finish getting everything organized and keep it that way over the next six weeks (and beyond).


Goal requirements: Get my stuff clean, and keep it clean.


Side Quest #2 - Clean up my cooking skillz

I've been defaulting to the easy recipes too often, and they're becoming boring. Boring is not good when doing Whole 30. I've been researching a lot of paleo blogs (wow, there are a lot!) and I've been adding lots of stuff to Pinterest that I want to try. I'll share what I try out and how it was. The challenge is six weeks, so I'll try six new recipes. I might do a few in one week, and none in another.


Goal requirements: Try six new Whole 30 recipes.



I think I've got everything for the challenge. Time to do this.

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Goal progress for today:


As long as I don't do anything stupid, I'll have finished day 1 of Whole 30. The first day is always the easiest, lol. Still need to drink a little more water to reach my minimum for today.


I made two new recipes tonight, one for dinner tonight and one for breakfasts this week.


Dinner - Italian Mushroom Bake: http://popularpaleo.com/2012/12/04/italian-mushroom-bake/

I used ground pork instead of sausage and added extra spices, because it's pretty difficult to find sausage with no added sugar. It was okay. I thought it would be awesome based on the reviews. Oh well. I would make it again, but not often.


Breakfast prep - Zucchini Fritters: http://stupideasypaleo.com/2013/12/09/paleo-zucchini-fritters/

These came out awesome. I'll be making these often to have for a quick breakfast or lunch addition.

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Kept with Whole 30 today. One more glass of water till my goal. Haven't worked out yet this week, plan to fix that by Friday.


Last night I also made homeade mayonnaise for the first time. OMG I'm never having store bought mayo again. This stuff is fantastic. I followed the recipe from theclothesmakethegirl.com (I'd link to the actual page, but her site seems to be down right now). I made egg salad with it for my lunch today. AMAZEBALLS. Hopefully when I make it again it will emulsify as well as it did the first time. It takes patience the drizzle the oil super slowly, but so worth it.


It's tough sticking with this Whole 30 thing, but I I feel like my willpower is pretty strong. However, I want a Hostess Cupcake so bad right now. Just keep swimming though...

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Those are awesome goals.  I may have to borrow some of your side quests for the next challenge.  I like to think of myself as organized chaos, and my poor fiance is all about order and putting things in their place.  Super impressed by the mayo - I'll have to try to track down that recipe, and the zucchini fritters sound so good.


Welcome back!  Can't wait to see your progress and what recipes you try!

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