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*rawr* Hi there.

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Hello Everyone,


I'm Rowtag, I live in the middle of nowhere East Texas, and I want to turn my life around.


I'm 5'5", 124 lbs, and 23 years old.  I work for a school distract as a computer technician, so some days I can be climbing ladders and running cables, and others I'm sitting in a class room all day.  Ever since I moved here from Houston 6 months ago for this job I've let myself get depressed, and completely lost all motivation to do anything. (my house looked downright scary until I had company coming and -had- to clean it.) I'm still trying to adjust to living by myself, as opposed to living with roommates or parents.


I found Nerd Fitness a few days ago, and after reading through the website extensively I took the plunge and joined the academy, and the forums here.  I'm tired of coming home, and doing nothing (sometimes not even eating). Reading through articles here has gotten me motivated to do something.  I'd like to try to gain muscle/bulk up, and level up my life in general, eat right, be more confident, etc.  This seems like a great place to start. 


Can't think of too much else to say.. I work and come home (well now it will be work, gym, home.) Everyone I know lives 180 miles away, so I've got a lot of time to myself besides occasional weekends when I go back to Houston.  Oh and I'm a furry, hope that doesn't scare anyone off. 


post-26026-0-22711600-1389248998_thumb.j  note, attached picture of RL me is about 2 years old, but nothing has really changed.

post-26026-0-72381300-1389249212_thumb.j   I wouldn't mind a build similar to the picture of my "fursona" but I know that appearance isn't everything, I'm happy with getting in better shape.  Still, its good motivation.

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Thank you for the welcome. I can definitely say I need to improve confidence or something as well. It took me an hour to decide to check for replies, not sure what I am so afraid of.

No worries! Before long you'll have lots of friends on here and you'll be chatting about everything and nothing. Have a great one!

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Hey bud, if talking about it publicly on the forums seems overwhelming, you can message me, I'm more than willing to help :) I've got a great baggage of advice and helping information!


Anyways, welcome to the forums! :D

It's not 80% diet, 20% exercise, it's 100% diet, 100% exercise. Give it your all.

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Thanks for the offer, and the warm welcome.


I've not got to do much more than read through the website yet, however I feel like I accomplished something today. I need to rerun a water pipe, as a recent freeze caused it to burst.  Well its been raining all day, the ground is soaked, and I had just flopped on the couch to concede defeat, and put it off until tomorrow, when I thought. "Ya know.. I'm trying to change, and this is not what I should do.. plus I'd really like a shower, its been 3 days." so I hopped up, went to the hardware store, got the parts I needed, and now have running water again. I'm quite happy with this, and am now off to get a shower, and dinner.

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