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I wonder how we can petition the Olympic committee about this?  















Level 2 Warforged Druid

STR: 2, DEX: 1, STA: 3, CON: 3, WIS: 2, CHA: 3

"If these people tell this story to their children as they sleep; then maybe someday they'll see a hero is just a man who knows he is free."

Good night and joy be to you all ~Jitters The. Clown

Current Challange: New Challenges Ahead!

Battle Log: Clowning around daily

Past Challenges: Leveling Up PvP Jump Rope Boss Continue? System Failure Systems Online Calling Rush Confirm Reset Select World Select Difficulty, Select Character, Repairs, Press Start, First Timer, Jump Rope PVP Challenge

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Hi all! Job is good. I can't say great yet because a. I'm not really well adjusted to it so I'm not sure how much I'll like it when I do adjust and b. there is so much that I haven't learned or done yet and so I'm not calling it until I really feel like I know what is going on. Plus, it was a rough week in other ways so I think I've just been moody lol. However I got LOVELY good luck flowers from Jitters last weekend to start my new job. They're still on my dresser, my cat tries to eat them. <3




Will start the whole new thread thing soon



Warrior, Ravenclaw, book lover, history nerd, Red Sonja wannabe


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