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Noob needs help on mixing strength and cardio training


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Hey there!


So I'm a noob to most things fitness related. I just started at a gym doing mostly cardio but I want to mix in bodyweight and free weights in as well.

I was wondering if I'm going to start both, should I do it all in one day? Say a half hour doing cardio and then a half hour doing strength? Or should I mix days during the week, cardio one day and strength the next day? Or should my workout week look something like 3 days a week of strength and then one day of high intensity cardio like sprints and whatnot?

As you can see I am quite lost and have a lot of questions. I want to get the both of both worlds without getting burnt out because I'm still new.


So, any suggestions on a good workout plan that will help me get strong, fast, with good endurance?


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Can you list your goals for working out in order of preference? Also need your age and workout history so we know where you're at.

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