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Newbie 28yr Old who is training to be a Warrior

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About me: My name is Stephen. I am a 28 year old male - father of 2 - Married - Working on my Bachelors in Network Administration


I live in Pennsylvania


I am about 220lbs at 6'1 


(This Pic is a few months back when I was training - I put on maybe 8-10lbs since then : /   )




I recently stopped working out and I of course regret it


I made huge strides - 250lbs to 212lbs - almost doubling my lifting abilities in every area 


The issue is, I lost my motivation. I was working towards becoming a police officer but due to me being a juvenile diabetic, I realized it would be a liability. I love computers and I know I can be successful in this field, diabetic or not.


The issue is, working with computers requires no fitness specifics.


I want to do this for me.


I am a nerd at heart and I stumbled across this forum and saw it as a sign : ) 


I am going to Florida in 4 months and I want my goal to be a reality:


Main Quest – Build enough muscle and lose enough fat that I am comfortable without a shirt on in public


3 Goals each week

  1. Work out at least 3 times a week including 1 dropset

  2. Get 8 hours of sleep

  3. Cut out junk food – Focus on Protein based meals

I hope I can join a team where people who have similar goals want to encourage each other


Please message me and I will provide a cell number or email address or w/e so we can become accountability partners or even better accountability teammates : )


Thank you 


God Bless

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Day 1 complete (Arms):


I attempted to continue my previous workout (the one I built up over the past 4 months but stopped doing 2 months ago) and did okay.


I was able to match my reps and weight in dumbbell curling and tricep pull-downs but with the barbell curls  - assisted pull ups - dips - dumbbell triceps I had to either lower the weight, lower the reps, or both.


I feel today was a win because I truly pushed as hard as I could and I feel the muscle tears.


My next day is Chest and Shoulders which will be on Friday.


Wish me luck


God Bless


(Here is my workout chart - What is in the left-most cells is from my previous 4 months of lifting - to the right is my current - Google Doc)



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Sorry for the delay in posting...


Saturday I did my Chest and Shoulders


I did alright being that I havent worked them out for nearly 2 months


The Shoulder press has always been a weakness of mine and again I was lower then I hoped for


I am not getting "down" because of my retraction of strength but rather excited because I am moving in the right direction again


Thanks guys


God Bless

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Today was legs...


On my leg days in the past I was pushing 438 on the leg press and 458 on calf raises but today  I couldnt get close to that...


I hit 250 on leg press and 270 on calf raises


I didnt attempt squats and dead lifts because the reason I stopped working out 2 months ago was due to a knee injury and I want to make sure I can handle that type of lift before I get into it again


I am excited to rebuild my legs as they were some of the strongest aspects of my strength


Im interested in building a group of people who want to encourage each other


Message me if you are interested


God Bless

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Yesterday I did my core with some modified chest exercises day.


Interestingly my core exercises went flawlessly. I finished all reps and weights as I used to before I "stopped" working out.


I normally do a "cable crossover" but I figured for my modified day I would do dumbbell flyes. This worked out great.


I did some more exercises that blended some of my normal chest exercises with some new ones which I do to "confuse" the muscles.


I am doing well and looking forward to anyone who wants to join our little team.


Also, I live in Schuylkill County Pennsylvania so if anyone else is from PA and would like to possibly work out together - im game.


Thanks guys


God Bless

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Thanks - I always dread leg day due to not being able to "see" the gains in the mirror lol


But I can tell I worked hard yesterday beyond being able to increase my numbers...


Today it was extremely hard to wake up - I fell asleep super early yesterday and wanted to sleep all day


Im happy with my progress


Tomorrow is abs : (

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Leg day is the best day!  Embrace it, Warrior! :) 


Glad to see you're maintaining consistency!


How's the food quest coming along?

"I'm just going to remember to not eat like an asshole most of the time" - MoC

three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: one must squat.- Brobert Frost
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Leg day is good - I feel like I have done the most on leg day but because I love "seeing" results, I look forward to arms/chest/shoulders days.


I hear what you are saying though : ) 


As for food - im doing well but I could be better


I am a late night person and I keep finding myself wanting to snack


One HUGE progression for me was stopping drinking diet sodas - I have switched to water (if I go out to eat I will get a diet soda but this may be at most 1 time a week or so)


I am happy with my progress and I love hearing how others are doing and also reading peoples opinions about my progress 


I will post new pictures asap




God Bless

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I, too, struggle with wanting to snack in the evenings. One thing I've found that helps is keeping acceptable snacks on hand (I know that's obvious :peaceful: but it can be hard to find which healthy snacks appeal to you, personally). I try to keep an assortment of veggies + a low cal yogurt based dressing available. Also popcorn helps fill you up without a lot of calories. Berries and yogurt-- I especially like reduced fat greek yogurt which tastes amazing and is high in protein. 

Oh-- and always lots of water. Sometimes being thirsty can masquerade as hunger.

What are some foods you've found helpful in the evening?


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I love apples - I have a "quick-slicer" which "cores" the apple and makes even slices - So I love eating them


Otherwise - I would make smoothies but the blender is too loud at night


I really dont have any other foods to fill the gap and I often fall back on eating leftovers from dinner or other quick snacks


Im not much of a veggie fan when they are raw - so unless we had veggies for dinner - I likely wont go out of my way to prep them


I would love some insight on ideas of easy good snacks to destroy my night - time hunger




God Bless

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I got my key card - Been to the gym several times and am feeling great (sorry for the late reply)


Im typing this sore after a great shoulder/chest workout


I hope everyone else is doing well


I have a question for someone who is in the "know" in the area of shoulder workouts


I was doing shoulder presses and iso-lateral presses and I feel very weak in this area - I dropped my weight and am still unable to complete a full set - I used to be able to do 10lbs more then I can now and this is just a few months ago - I dropped the weight and I still am unable 


Any advice?




God Bless

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I began mountain biking and in NerdFitness style I began building a hub motor for my mountain bike so that I can go longer, farther, and faster.


I am truly addicted to mountain biking.


I was at the gym and switched it up by mixing some aspects of different days workouts together and I feel good, sore, but good : ) 


Hope you all are doing well


God Bless

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