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I may be getting a little ahead of myself with this. I've literally been on the sight a matter of hours but I'm bad at not just jumping into things head first.

Please let me know if you have suggestions or help to offer, whether you think my goals are too vague, too specific, or my methods or anything like that. I would love feedback.

Main goal: Feel confident about my body.

I want to lose weight while maintaining muscle (I play rugby)

I don't want to put a number on the weight I want to lose because I'm hoping to also gain muscle. I don't know how to be more specific but I really want to flatten out my stomach and lose that muffin top.

1)work out 3x per week, not including rugby practice

2)Eat more in style of the paleo diet- every day has to have at least one meal with vegetables and meat

Have at least one meal a day with no carbs - snack healthier

3) Stretch everyday- including all of my physical therapy exercises and icing

Side quests/life quest

Improve my posture

Have more confidence when in dating situations (basically with pretty girls I like)

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Your main goal seems very wise, wording it as recomp instead of just weight loss, is very important!


I also think you your subgoals support that main goal very good. How do you plan to work out?

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I want to start out with sets of squats, work my way up to push ups and pull ups (previous neck and shoulder injuries make me a little worried about jumping into those) so I will start with wall push ups and the inverted rows. I would love to try dead lifting but like I said I'm worried about the issues it could cause with my neck and shoulders.

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If You Have A Way To A Gym Or Manage To Have Barbell Dead Lift, From Personal View Point I Just Satrted Them After Two DaYs Of Just Perfecting My Form I Moved To Day 3 FocusEd On Sets And Man It Works Out Almost Your Whole Body I Recommend You Practice dEadlifting. Great workout. Just Start Off Small Get Used To The Movement When U Feel Ready Up The Weight. Slowly But surely

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Your general plan and goals are great, just need to set up a workout programme and follow it!, and don't forget at least one rest day a week!


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