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Going nowhere; checking my goals

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I'm impatient and I'm working on that. Still, I need some advice on how to proceed because I don't think my initial plan is working out.


I started the year with two goals:

- Get stronger

- Be able to run at least 5k


I have never consistently worked out before and I have foster a very negative attitude towards exercising since my teen years. I'm 25 now, btw. 


I started following the beginner body weight training. I still have a long way to go before I reach those 20 squats and 10 push up but I do feel like I'm making progress. I'm currently doing 12 squats and 10 inclined push ups, as best as I can. 


My biggest problem really is with running. I'm not enjoying it as much as I wish I did. On the days I have to run, I find it harder to get up. Now, the logical conclusion here is that I probably shouldn't run if I don't like it. I just don't want to give up. I want to alternate the days to do something every day. I like body weight training but I know it's not recommended that I do it every day. Any advice on a cardio workout that might work? I don't have much money to spend, which is why I chose running in the first place. Is there something else I can do that doesn't require a subscription fee?


Also, I'm not a gamer so, even though the whole thing with the guilds and challenges calls my attention, I don't really understand it all that well. Not sure if that means I'm not allowed in this forum  :numbness:


Any advice would be appreciated!

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I never liked exercise or (especially) running, either. I simply started working out, kept with it, built the habit. Same with running. I'm still not particularly good at it, don't run competitively (unless you count Bay to Breakers), and I still have to kinda force myself to go out and get moving.

After running, though, I feel great and I'm always glad I went. Maybe if you look at it that way, as a means to an end, instead of as an end in itself?

That being said, what are your running workouts like? Are they varied? Nice scenery? Do you run with a partner? These all helped me :)

P.s. I'm not a gamer, either. Shhhh. They haven't found us yet ;)

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I recommend interval training: http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2009/01/27/kick-your-ass-and-kickstart-your-metabolism-in-20-minutes/


You may find that more fun than just running steadily and it's a more efficient workout!


However, you may find that you just don't like any kind of running, which is fine. Don't do the exercise if you don't enjoy it. Find an alternative. Jump rope, walk, get involved in a sport, anything you like.  :pirate:


As for your closing point, anyone who is looking to improve their lives belongs on this forum, so don't worry, you belong.

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Would long walks count as exercise? I enjoy those but I don't think they can keep me in shape. I really like hiking but I don't have partners to go with over here and going by myself is dangerous. For context, I recently moved to a new country. My search for a group or organization that organizes hiking trips hasn't yielded any results yet.


Jumping rope is fun but I have weak knees and I always feel like they are going to break. The impact causes me a lot of pain. Is there a way to make joints stronger? 


Anyway, I'll try interval training. I was following the Couch-to-5k running plan around my neighborhood. It's not such a nice run. There's lots of traffic and people on the way. 

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Once you hit the 20 squats you might look at starting strength training. Many people who hate running find it more fun, and it's much easier to track.


Working squat weight up tends to help people with weaker feeling knees. As long as you keep your form correct. 


To be honest running tends to aggravate knees for people with problems with them more than it tends to help.

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If running aggravates your knees, two of the things to look at are the surface you're running on and the shoes you're wearing.  As far as enjoying runs, I'm a runner.  I ran track and cross country competitively for seven years, and I can't stand running on roads and sidewalks.  In order for me to enjoy a run, it pretty much has to be on trails.  I'd try those out, if you have any in your area.  Also, music can help.

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