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Hi, I'm new here, my name is Mario, I'm from Monterrey, México, I'm 23 yo,


All my life I have been working out (I played baseball as a child until I graduated from college) but until recently I decided to take a better eating habits, after three months of keeping track of my meals with the 'myplate' app (from livestrong.com) I was able to see the results and pull out a daily average where I can see my current habits. Now that I'm graduated I train at a gym (and I'm happy to say that even wihtout reading this website, I'm doing almost everything that steve recommends on his blog) I want to lower my BF% I'm currently at 21.5%, I train 5-6 times a week, aprox an hour a day, my body type is endomorph. My conclusions are that I need to improve my calorie intake, turn up the fat and the protein, but I'd like to know your opinion, can you help me get more conclusions? why is it important to have calories above the BRM??


PS. I'm attaching my numbers!!


PS2. excuse my english, hope you guys can understand my doubts



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Your BRM is your base metabolic rate, so it's basically how many calories you need to eat to stay alive if you are laying in bed all day. You want your calorie intake to be above your BRM because otherwise your body thinks it's starving (it probably is) and holds onto every calorie it can.


Your TDEE, total daily energy expenditure, should give you a better idea of how many calories you need to eat to maintain your current weight at your current activity level. Going a little below your TDEE is usually a better plan for weight loss. But, depending on your goals, you may want to stay close to your TDEE to maintain your weight, but alter your diet to decrease your fat and increase your lean muscle mass. Your TDEE is found by multiplying your BMR by a factor of 1.2-1.9, which depends on how active you are. I don't know any of your stats, but I like this website a lot for determining these things: http://keto-calculator.ankerl.com/


Upping fat & protein sounds like a good starting point!

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