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Mission Accomplished the First Proper Chin up

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I have been gearing up for this now for about 4 weeks.


In fact I am a nerd now because of my goal of being able to chin and pull up with ease.


I was trawling the NET for how to do a proper chin up and I stumbled across Steve's Youtube video - which inevitably led me to where I am now. Here with you great guys.


So on Friday - after a lot of inverted rows, and assisted chin ups I managed my first one from a full hanging loose position. It felt great!!! :joyous:


I was so stoked that I thought I would 'go big' and try for the full pull up. Well that I am still working on - in fact I was so far away on that one, I could barely see the bar!!!!


This is milestone number one.


I still have the pull up to do and whilst I did a chin up it was only one and it definitely wasn't with ease.


So the journey continues and I'm loving every step.





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Tennis Dude (aka Neil)

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