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Does anyone have a good recommendation for a sandbag?  The last one I bought is now ripping.  Which is kinda cool that I'm lifting more, but not cool that it's breaking already.  I wanted to stay away from hard plastic handles, since I've accidently hit myself in the face with them a few times.  Hand-eye coordination, I have none.


I was thinking either Bruteforce sandbags or Rogue Fitness.  Any opinions?

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i have one of these.


Has held up for years of heavy abuse.

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I was reading about making your own sandbags, and one poster pointed out that ropes don't spill. Specifically, he coiled his worn-out battle ropes into a bag and made a "sandbag" out of it. Apparently it worked well for him, if you're willing to try the DIY route.

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If you're going to go for one of the more expensive sandbag options, I suggest GoRuck. I've tested all the sandbags on the market and GoRuck really delivers a great sandbag at a fair price- and they manufacture in the US.


If you want to go the cheap route:


I suggest buying this one from Fringe (my company): It's the cheapest good sandbag you can get ($35 shipped):



Another option is the Military Athlete Sandbag. I am (unfortunately) EXTREMELY familiar with this sandbag. I use it filled with 80# on a regular basis at Atomic Athlete. 100 sandbag get-ups for time, anyone? ($50 + shipping):



And finally, there's the old standby of the military duffel ($25-ish, shipped):



Best of luck!

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