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Mini Challenge #5: Red Ranger Danger!


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Mini-Challenge #5: Red Ranger Danger!


Rangers Saved:



It took most of the afternoon and some of the evening, but eventually the positivity of the Assassins began to overpower the dark magic of Rita Repulsa. The giant prehistoric metal bird and the Pink Ranger both slowed their movements, rolling to a stop and shaking with exhaustion. The Assassins moved in to catch the Pink Ranger before she fell and helped her back to her feet. With some potions and gentle magics they healed her, they tried to make her stay but she knew that their quest was too pressing and refused.


Every time the assassins took a step forward they could feel the energy washing over them. A great evil power like pulsing sickly waves. They had saved almost all of the Rangers now and they led the Assassins onwards towards the final member of their group.


Slowly the landscape began to change, where before it had been rotten and rusted it now changed to ash and dust. Those tree trunks that they had passed before that were so broken, jutting from the ground like wooden knives, were slowly worn away into piles of ash. Grey mounds covered the ground and bright embers flittered around the group like a snowstorm.


They continued on like this for some time, some assassins turned their heads back to look at their footprints. It was a long trail back to any kind of green land, their trail looked like some great fiery beast had stampeded through the land. The assassins were weary now, stumbling and faltering as they continued on. But the Rangers would not let them fall, they knew how hard they had fought to save them and had seen first hand the power of positive thinking. A pink arm to steady an assassin here, encouragement from the ferocious yellow helmet there, and kinds words from a blue.


Ash went from grey to red, some malevolent energy glowing and turning to flames. The flames grew and grew. Soon the ground was no longer covered in the memory of flames licking at their boots  but was a screaming conflagration guiding the Assassins and their newly rescued allies ever onwards.


At the end of the fiery path there was a clearing, nothing but the burnt husk of earth stood there. Apart from two figures. Laughing maniacally, one of them was Rita Repulsa dark waves connecting her to the other figure in the clearing. The Red Ranger. He was burning with energy, and not just through the eyes of those using mage-sense. Bursts of flames crackled from his muscles and in the dark pit of his helmet there were two burning coals.


Without warning, he leapt forward to attack the Assassins and Rita Repulsa threw evil magics at them. To win this battle and defeat the evil wizard they would have to fend off the attacks of the Red Ranger, and the memories of defeat that were being inserted into their minds by Rita Repulsa.



We are being attacked by the Red Ranger and Rita Repulsa! Rita Repulsa is trying to throw memories of defeats in our faces, but we won’t let her win! This week is all about improving and looking forward. Simply think about your next challenge, or how you could improve on something you did this challenge.


Suggested Action:


It’s coming to the close of another challenge! So it’s time to start looking forward. This challenge think about what you want to accomplish next time and how you can do even better! On the spreadsheet is a space for your name, your next goal or how to improve something you did in this challenge. I have filled in a couple already, but if you’re unsure then just PM me or post a comment!


For this challenge everyone who takes part gets a +1 WIS!


Once again a massive thank you to Batgirl for the amazing badges she has provided! She is truly a superstar :)


Other rules:

- Mini-challenges are not mandatory, feel free to ignore this one if you don't want to participate.

- Don't let mini-challenge hinder your own goals.

- If you're not sure how to register something, post it here.

- Don’t be afraid to ask a question if you’re unsure about something, that’s what the Guild Leaders are for!

- Keep it simple!


There’s a spreadsheet of awesome to record your helpfulness and friendliness:



And this challenge we’re working on a little reward for everyone who takes part each week!


Good luck Assassins!


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I usually think about this, but I never quite seem to get any ideas down, which means I never apply those thoughts to the next time around. Heh, hopefully this handy little spreadsheet changes it!

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I need to work on writing goals so that I can see progress. Timed/habit goals work well for me doing them, but do not give a definite sense of "I have come this far." 


One goal is going to be about getting prepared for and taking the Math GRE subject test, with milestones built in. It seems an impossible goal now, but it will keep me on-track and I will set progress points that will allow me to not fail if I bail on taking the test.


I am not sure how to set up my other ideas into goals yet, but I am working on it combining daily requirements with goals that have finish lines.

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