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I was wondering if anyone here had done the flash workout? I am interested in trying it alongside the beginners bodyweight workout to increase cardio fitness/burn fat.




My question is how do you know what percentage of effort you are putting in? In the past I have tried running longer distances, but start too fast and have to stop. I think I am worried that I will not push myself enough or push myself too much, making the workout less effective or flying off the treadmill in the gym.


I know it sounds like I am over thinking things, but I have zero intuition with this and would appreciate any tips from those of you with more experience in this. 


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I would advise getting a stop watch, warm up nicely then go and run 100m 200m 400m and 800m as fast as you can (you will slow towards the end but keep pushing) rest for as long as you need to recover full between each distance! There you now have your fastest times.

Now knock 2 seconds off your 100m 3 seconds off your 5 off your 400m and 10 off your 800 this will be roughly 80% of your max (too easy take less seconds off, too hard take more seconds off) try and keep this speed constant for the whole session. With sprinting consistency is the key complete ALL the reps.

As you get faster adapt the timings, test your max every 4-6 weeks and keep track make sure you are changing speeds appropriately

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For your first workout, just do a few sprints absolutely all out, balls to the wall, max effort sprint. Just run as fast as you can. Rest for as long as it takes, 5 minutes or more. Do it a few times so you know what absolutely all out feels like.

Then give it several days of rest. Next time you're out there, go hard, but not quite as hard as you did all out.

Honestly, that's all there is to it. You're right, you're overthinking it, and there's no perfect formula for this kind of thing. You just have to do it, and adjust through trial and error. The first time, knowing what ALL OUT MAX feels like, will help you adjust.

But let's just say you're supposed to go at, I dunno, 90%. You "accidentally" do 83%, or 92%. Will you be better or worse off doing that, than sitting at home wondering how to dial in your sprint speed?

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