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[Harika] The Adventure of the Assassin


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This time I will have a Sherlock themed challenge, as it fits my goals. 



Main Goal: Become a legend


Goal 1: The Ubiquitous Spreadsheet (+5 CON)


My weakness appears to be a combination of needing to do or thing of something daily to keep at it, but also of hoping to do so much as to cease any productivity. At the end of the previous challenge I began a 30-day challenge to check off 9 out of 16 items per day. Each item is some small change or task, and/or from a previous challenge that I wish to continue. After the 30-days it will be more flexible for change but is intended to continue after such a review for the entirety of this challenge. Points awarded by percentage of success days after week zero.

Some items on the list include:

Exercise and Stretching

Tidying - despite dust being a good marker of tampering

Sleeping habits - when they do not interfere with a case

No Mindless Eating - focus needs to be on the information, not ordinary needs

Studying and Writing - to hone my abilities, "Education never ends Watson, it is a series of lessons"

Method of Loci - what detective is incapable of recalling the most vital pieces of attic furniture? none. "I consider that a man's brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furniture as you choose. A fool takes in all the lumber of every sort that he comes across, so that the knowledge which might be useful to him gets crowded out, or at best is jumbled up with a lot of other things, so that he has a difficulty in laying his hands upon it."

Posture - How one holds oneself changes one's ability to blend in or glean information

Walking the Dog - there is no better method of infiltration, except that it is fairly memorable to observers

Draw - as a method to correct poor spacial reasoning and something that is the nearsightedness (compared to blind) side of face-blindness

Complete a project already started - a goal that will end up decluttering the to-do list, and my head-space

News - As a Global Studies major I am shamefully oblivious at times, but still deplorable for any person of society.



Goal 2: Conquering the Mathematics GRE Subject Test (+4 WIS)

The April date for the subject test is directly preceding this challenge. Although I am pessimistic about my ability to be prepared I do intend to try and at least be motivated to review the knowledge I will need in graduate school. I even signed up for a Coursera Calculus class.

Benchmarks: (One stat point each, with the test specifics combined into one)

-Calculus Textbook

-Linear Algebra

-Differential Equations

-Practice test

-Sign-up and pay for the test



Goal 3: The Ninja Assassin (+5 STR)

(John quote about Sherlock not seeming to workout despite his abilities that I cannot find)

I have a tendency to vastly prefer my working out being noticed, and overall being a ninja about it. Being ninja-like is not terribly strange, is it? I make a second spreadsheet with grouping of two or three (mostly 3) exercises to do throughout a day without attracting notice. 


Squats/Box Jump/Long Jump

Chin-up/Plank/Hollow Hold

Bridge/Wall Sit/Leg Lift

Jumping Jacks/Burpees/Ground Kongs

Crow/Pk Roll/Handstand

Push-ups/Warrior 2 <- link has photos, vid, and real name


Benchmarks: (One stat point for each reached)

*one full push up

*hang with bent arms for chin/pull up 15s

*hold crow for 15 sec, twice

*move while in bridge

*back bend from standing without props



Life:The Poised Baccalaureate (+1 CHA)

No more computer-age slouch for me, I need to work on holding myself respectably. More than just the check-cell in a spreadsheet, looking better extends to apparel. My clothing preference is loose, ill-fitted, and ill-fitted for the current societal expectations of a respectable personage. I am okay with this, I relish in it, but given that I no longer have just three pants it is time to start looking at the articles that are short, that I rarely wear, or that I favor too much (and display such favoritism negatively) critically. Not only will I attempt to correct my posture during this challenge, but also to clean out my clothing. Replaced articles (white T-Shirt for another without stains) will not count, only removed articles. Significant time organizing such as determining articles to retire for messy chores and sleepwear is acceptable. This will be a difficult goal for me, so I will set it at 50 instances of acceptable activity. This means that if I work on posture every day I need only 5 articles sorted for removal, but I can make up missed posture days with more articles of clothing.




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Hey Harika! To lessen a bit our work for the Most wanted list and the Assassin Phonebook, we have set up a small sign-up form. If you could take a few seconds to fill it, that would help us!



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Actually, I want to do computer engineering, but hardware over software. Most of the programs I am applying to are "Electrical and Computer Engineering" or something about electronics. However, as I had somewhat of a dual major and my focus was split, my mathematics and physics grades were . . . unimpressive, so I decided that the GRE subject tests would give me a chance. I was going to take Mathematics in October and Physics in April but a seasonal employment in October made that impossible regardless of my lack of preparedness. I did not use the extra time as well as I should have, and thus might not take one in April either.


Why Computer Engineering? I like it when things just work. I like computers. Assembling a computer is like a jigsaw puzzle with the pieces marked, I like circuits, and I want to make electronics better. Why did the interest in things working and innovating fall into computers specifically? I could guess but I could not be certain.


Mathematics - The universal language, assuming physics is not galaxy-specific.

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Best of luck with your GRE subject test! Definitely a bit daunting to prepare for! Looking forward to see your challenge in its FINAL FOOOORM. :D

Raptron, alot assassin

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Following along again this challenge even though I'm not an Assassin.


As an aside if you run into any computer software problem you would like a hand with drop me a line, that's my masters.

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Being a giant Sherlock Holmes nerd (original stories since I was young, more recently the modern-day BBC production), I approve of your theme. As for exercise-related quotes, I haven't found any by Watson yet, but I found this one by Holmes: "There can be no question, my dear Watson, of the value of exercise before breakfast." It's from the story 'The Adventure of Black Peter', which I haven't read so I don't know the context. My next book will be to dig out my Sherlock Holmes collection, so if I come across anything I'll let you know.

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The one I am thinking of is a narration comment about Sherlock being fit/skilled fighter despite not noticing any time in which he trains. I refuse to entertain the idea that this was solely in my head.


Thank you Raptron! I am looking forward to your final forms too. Oh, wait, is that pun strange, clunky and creepy?


Targilnar - You do not want to know. My favorite anecdote is that I crashed a Registrar computer without touching it - without even seeing more than the back of the monitor; it may have been my schedule. The program to add/drop (they had to do it for me for some reason) just, crashed. I am one of those people. It does not help that I am also a 40-tabs type of person. I learned to fix computers by unsuccessfully attempting to fix mine, and with a lot of help from other people I have for the first time in 4 years all three functioning. I am one of those computer people that should be kept away from whole, working, computers. It is funny, when not completely frustrating. 



-I think I need to re-form the sets for exercise. 

-I do not know how to differentiate the life goal from the spreadsheet version of it, but I want to add more, such as fixing my clothes situation. I am too familiar with the feeling of having fewer than 7 pairs of pants and I need to recognize that I have more now and some are too short.

-So tempted to add an instrument but that seems like a bad idea and the idea of it has been lumped in with studying. Same with languages, frankly, and I have yet to touch either. B-b-but Sherlock theme and violinnnn.

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No, I agree with you that the quote exists, it's tickling some vague memory somewhere in my brain. My inclination would be to say it was from the Sign of Four, since they're fairly active in that story, but the more I think about it the less I think that's true. I'll dig my collection out and see if I can find anything, I can't stand a mystery any more than Holmes can...

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Yay for old books! Here are the html versions. 





I was thinking Scarlet because everything is new to John, but that does not seem right. 



My use of control+F found these two sections, not quite right but perhaps a word will trigger the correct one.

sign of four:
"I trust," said I, laughing, "that my judgment may survive the ordeal. But you look weary."
"Yes, the reaction is already upon me. I shall be as limp as a rag for a week."
"Strange," said I, "how terms of what in another man I should call laziness alternate with your fits of splendid energy and vigor."
"Yes," he answered, "there are in me the makings of a very fine loafer and also of a pretty spry sort of fellow. I often think of those lines of old Goethe,—
Schade dass die Natur nur EINEN Mensch aus Dir schuf,
Denn zum wuerdigen Mann war und zum Schelmen der Stoff.
"By the way, a propos of this Norwood business, you see that they
"Dr. Watson, Mr. Sherlock Holmes," said Stamford, introducing us.
"How are you?" he said cordially, gripping my hand with a strength for which I should hardly have given him credit. "You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive."
"How on earth did you know that?" I asked in astonishment.

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I didn't even know there was a physics GRE. I took the normal, three section one, a year and a half ago or so.


Definitely a fan of Sherlock Holmes, but I've probably only read half to 2/3 of the stories. I also have no idea what quote you're looking for. But I have seen all of the BBC show. 


Good luck on the challenge!

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I actually had a similar career path that you seem to be on. I majored in physics, and then did electrical engineering (semiconductor optoelectronics) in grad school. I would recommend doing a bit more research as to whether the GRE subject tests would be beneficial for you.

I took the physics GRE only because I applied to a few physics grad programs. The engineering programs did not care in the slightest bit about the GRE physics (or the general GRE, providing that you exceeded the required school minima). I would not recommend subjecting yourself to the physics subject test unless you really need to do so. It's pretty brutal.

I'm not sure how awful the math one is, but it would be more relevant and useful for the computer engineering program. Good luck!

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If Newton's section of the "Five Equations that Changed the World" did not make him out to be as conceded as it did I might just give up and find his publications. Why are famous mathematicians so self-involved as to seemingly take pleasure in writing esoteric works solely to prevent anyone else from nearing his (or her, I suppose not that I can name any) level?

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