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Lilith the Chubby Kitten - The Battle Against Fear


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Yes your advice is very good. I will practice driving more often and maybe I'll go silly and do parking practice. I would be kind of feeling awkward but hey, I want to improve myself! Also, I am going to do the 'working but not working on it' trick tonight. I will just write down some research questions that pop in my head and see whether there are some that I like and can tweak a little or something.

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You're doing well, Lillith! Aren't you worried you're going to run out of cat gifs, though? :D

Is that even possible?

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No! The internet never runs out of cat gifs. 


C'est pas possible! 


But being the mere mortal I am, I might at some point be confounded and unable to tap into the infinite wisdom that is kitten gifs. Hope that day won't come for a long while!

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Maybe you could "lie" to yourself by working on the article, but not really working on it... so just start writing down your ideas and maybe organizing them into order. You're not really working on it, just putting down the ideas that are already in your head.

That has helped me before. It's like exercise where i think 'I don't NEED to, I just wanna try/do 1 thing' and that's often enough to then do some more and then a little more. 

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That has helped me before. It's like exercise where i think 'I don't NEED to, I just wanna try/do 1 thing' and that's often enough to then do some more and then a little more. 

Yes, I noticed that aswell! "Oh I will just do one yoga pose" then wow that turned into a full yoga practice! 


You're doing such great stuff. Yoga partner sounds fun, trying to figure out how I can talk my guy into it.

Well read all the comments here and Apfel's commentary on butt on butt action and giggles. That worked for mine. :P 


Kitty gifs are infinite. It's like trying to find the end of the universe. It only grows!



Too right you are! 

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Week 1 day 3 (Wednesday)


Workout? Yes!  (3/5)

In the morning, right after my yoga session, I did pilates. http://www.blogilates.com/day-9/ In the second video were  many crunches, and those hurt my neck (also, I don't think they're the best ab exercise) so I didn't like the second video that much. Had to take some breaks because my neck is very dear to me. :P But overall it was nice!

In the evening I did my second workout: T25 Alpha Lower Focus. Really fancy name but it's just another workout program by Shaun T, meaning it's like Insanity in intensity level, but the workouts are a lot shorter. :) Can feel my legs burning like there's no tomorrow whew!


Skill Practice? Yes! (3/5)

Beginners Yoga II from DoYogaWithMe. Did this in the morning, before breakfast, before uni (long day in the lab, I'm never sure how tired I am when I get back). Was actually a great easy routine to wake up with! Also watched the week 1 tutorial (from DoYogaWithMe beginners course). Also didthe Ido Squats routine (again prebreakfast). Well I knew already I couldn't really sit long in a deep squat but wow it was tough! Fun though! Definitely going to try again!


BodieBoost: A

Yay! Another good eating day! Had a tough moment where I felt like I could devour an entire supermarket, but luckily that was during a presentation so I couldn't go anywhere. After that we had labwork that was entertaining enough to get my mind off things. (Oh and before that I had lunch, that helped too ;) ) Btw, I have three treats this week, instead of two, which I will score as perfect, because the method I'm following has different rules for going on holidays: and this weekend (friday-monday) I'm going on a holiday! So yay! And yes I'm saving all my treats for there obviously. :)


Life Goal:  B

Pfew. I mailed my mentor of the bachelor research project with a research question. Hope he will think I put enough thought into it. I'm glad I sent it anyway! It's like a heavy weight (one of the many) has been lifted off of my chest.

Did the dishes. Always a task I have to remind myself to do. Why can't dishes do themselves? ;)

I also worked for a little bit on an essay about heart failure.


Six Week Challenge:  Managed a really short lift off so my head wasn't on the floor anymore! Then I quickly backed down for fear of collapsing!


Mini Challenge 1: Pigeon. Shoulder Dislocations. Deep Lunge. 

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Kitties! This is a wonderful thread!


You're doing an awesome job already! Fear can be so paralyzing - as you've said, once you get started putting off and avoiding, things get bigger and worse and seem completely unmanageable. You've got this - even if you don't do as much as you hoped in one day, just a little bit helps. Good luck!

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Thanks all! I feel so much better knowing you all have my back. (And I have yours, we will all smash challenges together!) 


Hiraedd and MTangel - Going against my fear is difficult, but I think right now also the most rewarding in my challenge. It's the one goal I struggle with most for sure... But the more I do, the smaller the fear becomes because I can see I'm getting back on track. I'm not there yet, not at all, but every day is a new chance to make a difference!

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Following for the kittens, planning to read tomorrow and catch up.

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Week 1 day 4 (Thursday)


Workout? No! (3/5)

Originally this was going to be a workout day, but I felt my energy levels were too low and my glands started swelling up. Well of my body says I should take a rest day, I will. (Too many assassins in rehab already). I already planned to do one workout on my holiday, so I guess that will have to be two now! :P


Skill Practice? Yes!  (4/5)

Rice Bucket Workout first thing in the morning, followed by some indoboarding. The indoboarding session was rather short (like just a few minutes) because for some reason I felt a little bit awkward and got scared of falling off.


BodieBoost: A

Yay! Good eating day again! Well, tomorrow my holiday starts so then the real challenge begins. Keeping on track when I'm not home! 


Life Goal:  B

Paid my monthly insurance thing. Prepared my bag for the holiday that starts tomorrow morning.  Worked on my hairt failure essay (more than I did yesterday, I read and summarized an article, okay part of an article,  and made some subquestions for myself to research).



Six Week Challenge:  Tried the bridge too for like 10 seconds! :D


Mini Challenge 1: Pigeon. 


Not sure how much I'll be able to update when I'm away, but I will of course update when I come home. Weeeee I'm excited for the holiday! :D

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Great first week! Good for you for listening to your body...


and most importantly...


for working on the things that scare you! YAY!!!


Have a great trip!

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