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Steve's Plan: Put on Warpaint. Pick up Heavy Things. Eat.


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Hey all!


I've been more of an assassin in the past as I did mostly bodyweight stuff as my back recovered, but this time I'm going to mix things up.  I've been working with my buddy Anthony Mychal over the past two months to put a solid plan in place to pack some more size and muscle on my frame, and it's been great, so I figure I might as well go Warrior this challenge and keep the good times rollin!  RAH!


For starters, I've been doing PLP for the past 45 days at this point and have another 15 to go.  If you're not familiar with it, it's definitely a challenge and departure from anything I've done in the past.

Here's how it works. On day 1, I did 10 pull ups, lunges, and push ups. on day 2, i did 11 pull ups, push ups, and lunges.  on day 3, i did 12 pull ups, push ups, and lunges.  You don't have to do all reps in one set, so I've shifted my sets and reps around so that i'm generally doing between 7-12 reps of each exercise and then quickly moving onto the next exercise, circuit style.  This is all done in addition to one's typical workout.  So my days generally start or end with PLP, with my regular workout coming in the 11AM-2PM block.


What started out pretty easy has certainly become more challenging each day.  I did my 53 reps of each this morning and already dreading tomorrow!  I'm proud to say that 44 days in, I have yet to miss a day - by far the longest continuous streak I've ever held for something I had to do daily.  Now, I'm supposed to go up to day 60 or 61, which finishes with 70 reps of each.


The fun/miserable/crazy part: My next 5 days will be spent on a floating music festival in the Caribbean, The Rock Boat, a cruise I used to WORK on and have now been attending as a guest for the past few years. This will be my 7th rock boat.  I'm not looking forward to hungover pull ups and push ups while everybody else is sleeping, but I'm excited for the challenge and glad it will help me stay on track so i can get right back on track when I return.  


These final 10-14 days will be a big obstacle and I'm hopeful my body continues to allow me to complete the routine daily (in addition to my other workouts)...because my body is starting to not like me :) 


Now, for the past 6 weeks I've worked with Anthony to drop down to my solid base of around 9-10% BF or so (dropping down from 13-14%) while also increasing my strength.  Over the next 6 weeks I'm going to continue packing on size, muscle, and strength, but cycle my carbs/fats/proteins in such a way that I'm essentially "threading the needle" and only packing on muscle without adding fat.  (essentially doing Lean Gains, Intermittent fasting, and carb cycling).


Along with all of this...my travel schedule through March is potentially insane.  


In between the start of this challenge and the end, I'll be:

  • Moving into a new apartment
  • Going to Austin for 5 days (SXSW!)
  • Going to New York
  • Going to Chicago potentially
  • Going to San Diego
  • Going to Hawaii for the first time!

In the past, I've simply done bodyweight routines while traveling, but plan on making it a focus to find a gym in each place I visit, to make sure I'm getting my squats and deadlifts in.  I now have the confidence and have overcome the fear of lifting heavy with my lower back issues that I'm excited to continue lifting heavier and getting stronger.


MAIN QUEST (over the rest of this year): Increase weight to 185 lbs while maintaining body fat in the 10-11% range. (Current stats: 176lbs, 10% BF)


GOAL #1: Continue going to gym 3-4 times per week, completing workout routine as prescribed.  A combination of lower body powerlifting (squats, deadlifts, RDL, front squats), and upper body gymnastics work with rings, overhead presses, pull ups, etc.  It's been fun making my fitness a priority again, and I feel stronger and more flexible than I have in years.  I gotta keep this up! 


Goal #2: Continue to take photos of every meal and post on Evernote.  I've gotten myself out of the neurotic calorie counting, and instead have been focusing more on big picture and making changes based on how my body reacts over the course of a few weeks. This has been liberating.  Anthony just wants me to send him photos of each meal and then we can discuss adding additional sides and or meals based on pictures and measurements and strength gains.


Goal #3: Always complete dynamic warm up, and NEVER leave the gym without completing the stretching cool down, and complete basic mobility on non-workout days. I've been really making mobility a focus over the past two months, never skipping a post workout stretch (which I would tend to skip in the past when i got too 'busy')


Goal #4: Successfully complete PLP program. Got 16 days or so left on this sucker. Want to maintain this despite being in 4 states and on a cruise ship between now and the end! i'm going to write a whole article about my experiences and lessons learned on this bad boy.


LIFE SIDE QUEST: Finish my damn book proposal!  I've been putting this off for months and months, after dragging my feet for TWO YEARS on finally writing a traditional book proposal.  By the end of this challenge, my proposal will be submitted.


I'm confident that putting my focus and faith in the process (never missing a workout, always taking photos of my meals) will result in me reaching my goals.  My short term goal at the end of these 6 weeks will be to increase my weight by 2-3 pounds and see progress on each of my lifts.


Let's do the damn thing!


For the Rebellion.


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subbing to this purely to see the results of PLP during rock boat.

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Steve, you continue to inspire and lead us all.  Thank you!

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PLP? sounds crazy intense, definitely subbing this one.

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That is a crazy six weeks.  Enjoy the boat (I know you will) and I'd like to pre-order a copy of your book!

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Hung over exercises on a moving object. Yeah, good idea.

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I think I got through about day 30 of PLP a while back before I started feeling like I wasn't getting enough recovery time. (Mostly for pullups, the other stuff was fine.)


On the other hand I started my ten reps with five sets of two pullups with a max of four, maybe five on a good day to doing my 40 reps broken up into sets of six and five in a month, which is pretty good progress.

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A Steve challenge?!


Yeah, I'm going to have to go ahead and sub to this thread...

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Somebody got inspired at 4T. I'm looking forward to following the lean gains, as one day I hope to be able to do it myself.

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Even Steve is doing a challenge? Whats next, coming on irc? :P

Your goal 3 should be something i work on too, i always forget.

And i hate calorie counting too, could never stick with it.

Subbed for... well, Steveness.

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Steve! Good to see you with a challenge in here. Especially one involving squats and deadlifts :)


And I love goal #3. I am pretty flexible in some movements but quite restricted in others so I am looking to go after my weak points. I used to be fantastic at lots of stretching after a workout but am better at getting that in when I do conditioning work than strength stuff.



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subbing! if only to look forward to experiencing fomo when you post sxsw pics...  :miserable:


...you will post pics right?!

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Somebody got inspired at 4T. I'm looking forward to following the lean gains, as one day I hope to be able to do it myself.


Am I the only one who is amazed that everyone who went to 4T seems to have gotten this super boost of motivation?


Furthermore, it proves Nerds are awesome.  How many Bro fitness sites are out there where the FOUNDER gets a huge boost of motivation from his readers/community?  My guess is their ego would get in the way... Again.  Nerds rule.


Good luck with everything, Steve!  Glad to see your back issues are not as pressing as before and you're ready to lift heavy things again!

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I wish I didn't have so much extra weight that bodyweight exercises weren't so damn difficult. I'd like to try that plp.  I almost feel like I need to work out and lose a ton of weight BEFORE I can work out and lose a ton of weight.

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