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Miyamoto - The Foretaste Of Spring

Radulf Wilhelmson

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Miyamoto - The Foretaste Of Spring

My Main Goal :
Because I seem to have shapeshifted to "BEAR" and fell in hibernation in the middle of the last challenge, I think now it's getting time to leave my cave, blinking in the sun of oncoming spring.

Therefore in this challenge I will take things easy and reduce my missions to the absolutely necessary. Stretching my body after that winter sleep, stroll around in the awakening nature, getting light into my eyes and get ready for the real springbreak.

My Missions:
- taking 3000 steps in 30 min at least three times a week.


- restart my morning routine of Baduanjin , early morning on working days


- during Lent from Ash Wednesday (5th of March) to Easter Day (20th of April) I will abstain from alcohol completely.

- buy and read the new and probably interesting book from Yürgen Oster about Baduanjin.



Greets to all of you and have big success in this new challenge!



Viking  Warrior Level 5

STR: 7.5 | DEX: 11 | STA: 12 | CON: 12 | WIS: 12 | CHA: 9

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have a great challenge man !!!

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"Most people think they’ll feel good once they reach some goal. By linking happiness to something you don’t have yet, you denying yourself the power to create it in the moment. Your happiness is your birth right. It shouldn’t depend on you ACHIEVING something. Start by claiming it and using it to make your journey fun all the way and not just at the end." S.Chandler


"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy" G. Apollinaire

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So on start of week three it's time for a litte report:


I managed to start my daily baduanjin routine at least in the middle of week #1. Since then I do it regularily.


Got the book and already read the first part. Yuergen Oster describes not only the eight exercises but four additional ones. They are a little different to those I'm used to, but this is no surprise as there are a lot of variations of the Baduanjin out there. I will give them a chance and successively replace mine with the forms described in this book. The book also delivers some nice and interesting side glances to the chinese culture and the idea and background of Daoism. The exercises described in the book are shown in the first part of this video.


As scheduled, I didn't drink any alcohol since one week and I feel great with this.


In terms of moving around and having a kind of strenght training I started to build a raised bed since last weekend. That means carrying around heavy planks, cut them and screw them together, digging in the earth and fill the bed with tons of earth and compost. I think I have to do this every evening after work for some additional days until the bed is ready. No additional workout necessary :-) .

Viking  Warrior Level 5

STR: 7.5 | DEX: 11 | STA: 12 | CON: 12 | WIS: 12 | CHA: 9

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Good work Miyamoto!  Can you believe we are halfway through already?!  :D



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And now only ONE week left. Unbelievable!

Things worked fine until now. Seems I found the right amount of exercise I can handle properly and with fun.

Found a bargain offer for a very basic rowing machine and bought it to be independent of the weather conditions which can change rapidly in April here.

Halfway through the book, I decided to keep my way of doing the exercises, but take along a lot of information concerning Dao and QiGong background.


So stand the gaff and good success for the last week of this challenge!



Viking  Warrior Level 5

STR: 7.5 | DEX: 11 | STA: 12 | CON: 12 | WIS: 12 | CHA: 9

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End of Challenge!

This time it was a big success. I completed all the missions scheduled. So I distribute the 15 points as follows:


for taking steps: STR 1, STA 2


for sticking to Baduanjin routine: STR 1, DEX 3, CON 1


for abstaining from alcohol til now: CON 3 CHA 1


and for reading the book about QiGong WIS 3.


Looking forward to seeing you in the next challenge!

Greets M.

Viking  Warrior Level 5

STR: 7.5 | DEX: 11 | STA: 12 | CON: 12 | WIS: 12 | CHA: 9

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