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30 Days of No Sugar is Complete!!!

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I know this is not new to any of you and I might be years behind some of you. But I finally took the plunge and I did it. I actually made it through 30 incredibly researched and thought out days of no sugar.  This was for me and my family and trying to take yet one more step closer to being a better version of myself.

first the bad:

- I still craved Mt Dew every single day. That never went away.
- I don't like cooking. I never had, and this is the most amount of cooking that I have ever done in a short amount of time.
- The grocery bills were MUCH higher than normal. However, we didn't buy a single thing like snacks, quick lunches from wherever, drinks or anything like that at all for a month. So that kind of evened out in the end.
- The amount of research and planning I did each week took several hours on and off. However, having everything planned out and ready made the week a whole lot easier. I knew what I was making, I knew what I needed to take out of the freezer, and Alex was able to see what was on the menu for the week.
- Sugar or high fructose corn syrup is in almost everything. EVERYTHING. So there was a lot of label reading and frustration there. I even found it in salsa. Why is it is salsa? We eventually ended up having to make all of our own mayo and dressings and stuff like that, which took more time, resources and my poor blender.

Now for the good:
- I 100% feel more focused and clear headed. It took a couple of weeks for that to kick in. But it without a doubt affected my mind for the better. I of course still forget some things and make mistakes, because I’m human. But the difference is staggering; nothing that I can prove outwardly really, but inwardly it is so much better.
- Previously, I lived with a stomach ache every single day of my life: Until this month. I was so used to having a chronic stomach ache that not having one was unusual. 30 days of virtually no stomach aches. That blew my mind.
- I have become more confident in my cooking. I still didn’t enjoy the process all that much, but I liked the outcomes and the cooking knowledge increased 30 fold. For example: I know how to broil something now. I have found a myriad of ways to use my Dutch Oven. And where has citrus zest been all my life?! Delicious! And then there are frittatas. Oh frittatas. You are a staple in my life now.
- I found myself only eating at meal time. I hardly snacked. And that 2 o’clock wall that most people hit every single day. That never happened. I had the energy to go straight through. The work day seemed shorter and I was more productive because I was more focused for longer.
- Fruit became sweet to me again.
- It definitely gave me more energy. I still went to bed completely knackered because of all the cooking and extra things that I had to do. But I had the energy to DO all of those things.
- And despite the amount of meat and olive oil and things like that…I still lost 8 ½ pounds just by cutting out the sugar.
- We ate at the table sometimes twice a day together. This was a nice side effect that we enjoyed so much. We went from being roommates to being married again.
- There were maybe only one or two things that I made that both my husband and I were “meh†about. We liked most everything we ate. We were satisfied, we felt good and nothing just felt heavy in our stomach. It was natural.

But, here are my favorite meals, Top 5:
1. Pistachio Encrusted Cod with Sautéed Broccoli Rabe and orange wedges. (Day 8 Dinner).
2. Chicken Salad with homemade mayo. (Day 4 Lunch).
3. Prosciutto Wrap Chicken Stuffed with Apples and Spinach with a side of Kale Chips. (Day 17 Dinner).
4. Homemade chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries. (Day 18 Dinner).
5. Every frittata that we made. Which I think was 4 or 5.

Want to thank my husband, who did the dishes every night so that I would have a clean kitchen to cook, and for being so on board with this whole thing. If you weren’t as stoked and as supportive as you were about all of this, it would have been so much easier to give up.
So what’s next? We’re going to try and do more of the same with some tweaks to help with the budget. I will still have a piece of cake at a birthday party or something nice on date night (which are few and far between.) But I am not going to let it be a daily thing. I will make it a TRUE and honest treat. I will add honey sometimes and cheese on some occasions. I am not having bread or pasta yet though.

Here are some books that I read/am reading throughout all of this:
Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, MD
It Starts with Food: Discover The Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig.
The Story of the Human Body by Daniel L. Lieberman
Near a Thousand Tables by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto

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That's awesome! Congratulations on your accomplishment! Twas a challenge, but an enlightening challenge, eh? I like your comment of why all sorts of stuff has sugar and high fructose corn syrup in it. That's exactly how I feel towards all these food corporations wanting the monies. It's like, why on earth do "natural almonds" have added corn syrup in it? Why, just why? Leave it actually natural XD


And like you said with elimination, you detect sweetness where you couldn't before. Personally, I thought 70% dark chocolate was DISGUSTING because of how bitter and unsweet it was. Now, I love a square of 90% or even 100% dark chocolate. It's amazing how your taste buds can change when cutting out the excess sugar!

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