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I'm new. What lifts should I be measuring?


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Howdy folks.


My name is Baker - and I'm new to the challenge/boards - though I've been around NF for a long time in other ways. :)


I'm taking the 6 week challenge - and one of my side quests is to get baseline numbers for different lifts so I can have a starting point. I take Crossfit at a smaller box - and my coach has offered to help me complete the starting PR's and lifts over the next 6 weeks - without letting me push myself into bad form. 


So I'm not worried about doing too many lifts - or too much - because I'll do it all at the box with him during or after classes, etc...


I'm completely new, but I know there is the -- Squat / Bench / Deadlift measurement.


And I know many of the common Crossfit lifts (though I don't have PRs). But some of the 3RM or 5RM or 5x5 or 3 sets of blah blah blah. I just want a simple list of lifts that I'll appreciate recording my first whimpy numbers and then watching them improve.


Anyone willing to share a link, a spreadsheet, or just a list of lifts to track for a newbie?





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You can always track the Stronglifts 5x5 ones, which even has an app to track it for you.




Squat/OH Press/Deadlift.


Alternate, progressively increase weights.

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The powerlifting movements are the squat, bench, and deadlift. These are the usual metrics people gauge their strength around. Add strict and/or push press to the list if you like. I personally don't think a press counts if it didn't start on the floor, so I track my power clean along with my pressing. The snatch and clean & jerk are the Olympic lifts, and if that's what blows your skirt up then those are good metrics as well. I train Strongman when the weather is decent so farmer's walks, Atlas stones, and things like circus DB and log c&p will be on my list for the spring.


TL;DR: measure your strength by whatever lifts are important to you.

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Like Exorcisto said, measure what is important to you. If you're not going to be training your bench press (most CFers don't), then why track it?


Many of us track our squat, bench, and deadlift because those are our competition lifts (powerlifters) and those which we train specifically at least once a week, many times 2-3, especially beignners. Overhead press is tracked because it's another lift we train, even though it's not a competition lift, because of the large carryover to bench press and the overall strength stimulous it has on the upper body.


Figure out what your goals are, how you are going to train to get there, and track the lifts that you will train. It also doesn't need to be 1RM, and if your are a beginner, shouldn't be. I don't like seeing anyone who has been lifting less than 3 months or so going for 1RMs, they don't have the time under the bar to have their form to such a point that they know how to feel it going bad and how to adjust, or when to call the lift and bail out. Track your 3 and 5 rep maxes as a beginner.

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TL;DR: measure your strength by whatever lifts are important to you.



Like Exorcisto said, measure what is important to you. If you're not going to be training your bench press (most CFers don't), then why track it?




Bicep curls. All the bicep curls :) 

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I'd echo just about everything said above, especially the parts about measuring the stuff you plan to train and the advice to focus on 3-5 rep maxes as a beginner, but I'd add max reps of strict pull ups to the list (or longest negative if you don't have a strict pull up yet). And while you're doing this, see if you can get your friend to video you. It's helpful to look at at the time and to have as reference. 


And let this be the start of an obsessive habit of tracking everything. I keep a log on penzu now, so I can easily search for stuff when I need to, go back in and add notes and attach images, etc. Record what you planned to do, what you did (if it differed), the weights/reps, and how if felt/random thoughts. If I didn't PR but hit a previous number and it felt better, I note it. If I tried out a new cue or noticed a weakness or technique issue, I note it. If some body part isn't feeling so awesome, I note it. I'm losing weight, so I note bodyweight changes every 10 lbs or so because it affects my lifts.

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And if you track things then you can write stuff like this 2,3, 4, 5 years later.  Or say that you lifted almost 4,000,000# last year...and prove it. 

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Track everything.

This is what I do also.

Long Term Goals:                                                                                                              



200# 245# Snatch                                                                                                             

300# Clean and Jerk                                                                                                         

380# 465# Back Squat

450# 500# Deadlift


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Front Lever

285# Log Clean and Press

1k Row under 3:20

Back Flip

Bodyweight Turkish Get-up


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