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MariahSnow's Strict Definition of a Ranger


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Hi Rangers!


I actually googled the word "ranger" and found an interesting set of definitions that match my challenge goals. Neato!


Main Quest: To run a marathon (plus about 100 other things :playful: )


Goal 1: Run faster or "a person or thing that wanders or rangers over a particular area or domain"

                Before I start training for distance, I need to get faster. Nobody wants to run a marathon in 5 hours because that’s just a long time.  I recently ran 2 miles of intervals in about 9:18/mile.

                So for now, I will run easy on Tuesdays (~3 miles/30mins), intervals on Thursdays (~3 miles/30mins), and a long run on the weekend (~6 miles).  Every run earns me a pt. Total pts possible: 18


Goal 2: Eat better or "a keeper of a park, forest, or area of countryside" (kind of a stretch I know. But lots of park rangers know a ton about what's edible and what's not!)

                Macros! I recently discovered counting macros and realized I was overeating fat, undereating carbs and protein. I calculated my macros from IIFYM.com. Macros are a target and there will be days that I miss my macros because of life. I’m going to say that anything +/- 20% of my macro target is a problem. So that looks like this:

                Protein 160 g (128/192)

                Fat: 64 g (51/76)

                Carbs: 288 g (230/345)

If I’m in that range, I get to keep 3 pts per day. If I miss one of the ranges, I subtract a point. Total pts possible: 126


Goal 3: Get stronger or "a member of a body of armed men" (note the emphasis on armed. I want to be an armed lady!)

                I want to continue to gain strength in my upper body.

                Right now I’m doing MWF upper body; Chest/Tris, Back/Bis, Shoulders/Abs. Heavy weight, 6-8 reps, mostly dumbbells but some cables as well. Bodyweight abs. Every workout I get a pt. Total pts possible: 18


Life Quest

Post up recipes! I make a lot of food and a lot of good food. I often find the recipes from the interwebs but I should post them up and discuss whether they were good, what I changed, etc. This should involve pictures because everyone likes food porn. Once a week, I’ll post up a new recipe that I’m trying (new to this thread) and basically review it. This earns me a bonus pt. Total pts possible: 6


I'm trying to be more lenient this challenge because I'm moving March 1-3 and will probably be eating pizza and not working out. But that's okay, that's life! I'm not going to set "grades" for myself on this challenge, but obviously strive for 100%.



First things first, who is your favorite ranger? Strider from LotR? Jon Snow from GoT? Others I've yet to discover?

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Tommy, the Green/White power ranger!

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Okay rangers, let's get ranging!


Day 1!


I'm going to post my workouts in the morning and then update my macros in the evening when I'm done eating.



Pushups - 2 wide-leg, 12 knee, 10 knee, 9 knee

DB Bench Press - 20lbsx6repsx3sets, 12.5lbsx12reps*

DB Flye - 17.5lbsx6repsx3sets, 12.5lbsx12reps*

Skull Crusher - 17.5x8repsx3sets

Tricep pushup (elbows in tight) - 6, 5, 4 (all knee)

Tricep Cable Pushdown - 50lbsx(6,7,8)reps, 30lbsx12reps*


Anything with an * is a weight increase from last time.


Also, I'm about to update my signature because most of my macro counting takes place on caloriecount.com. All my workouts will be on Fitocracy, too.


---Macros Update---

Protein: 163 (102%)

Fat: 63 (98%)

Carbs: 276 (96%)

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Let me go ahead and pre-post my recipe for this week since next week is going to be a cluster with moving. Hopefully mid-week I can get my hands on a recipe to make. Or post up one of those "go-to" recipes when you're slammed for time.


So yesterday I made this: Paleo Spicy Sticky Coconut Honey Chicken. I modified it by using "lite" coconut milk and soy sauce. I also used chicken tenderloins because that's what I had and I cooked brown rice. I also threw some random frozen green beans into the sauce while it was simmering. Overall, it's pretty yummy. It's actually really salty so next time I'll cut back on the soy sauce for sure. It's not as creamy as the picture because I didn't use full-fat coconut milk. Definitely a fast recipe and kind of a one-pot recipe. It made ~3 servings so I had dinner last night, lunch today, and lunch tomorrow. It's not my favorite from that website but it'll do.

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Day 2


Ran 3 miles this morning with 5 minutes walking warm up, and 5 minutes running plus 5 minutes walking cool down. Miles were:





In the fall when I did a Whole Life Challenge, I worked on getting my 1 mile pace as fast as possible and that was about 8:30. And I literally wanted to puke as soon as I was done. This morning I ran almost as fast but I'd already run a mile before that AND I ran a mile after that. So that's some pretty awesome progress.



P: 157 (98%)

F: 60 (94%)

C: 272 (94%)



I've also been weighing myself regularly just to keep my macros in check and get a baseline. I typically weigh myself when I get to the gym (no scale at home), so that's after I've had ~8 oz of water and half a banana. Previously my weight had been hovering right around 160. Last week, I had the most epic stomach flu with fever, chills, body aches, etc. I didn't eat much of anything for 3 days and my weight was 154 last Friday. Today it was 156. I'm trying to make sure it gets back up to 160 and I'm recovering some of what was lost from being so sick.

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Day 3!


Back and Biceps Workout

The pull-up bars were full so I had to do DB rows first

One-arm DB row - 30lbsx(8,7,6)reps, 22.5lbsx12reps

Pull-ups (band assisted) - 6, 5, 4, 4

Seated cable row - 75lbsx6repsx3set, 55lbsx12reps

Underhand lat pulldown - 70lbsx6repsx3sets, 50lbsx12reps

DB curl - 15x(8,7,6)reps, 10lbsx12reps

Standing cable curl - 40lbsx5, 35lbsx6x2sets, 20lbsx12reps


I forgot to eat my banana before my workout this morning and I definitely felt it struggling with those bicep curls. It was actually kind of a hot mess.



P: 159 (99%)

F: 72 (113%)

C: 288 (100%)


I had an apple for my afternoon snack and when I bit into it, it was ridiculously mealy and gross. Ugh. So I kind of had to make up some random carbs here and there. That dark chocolate I ate after dinner was mighty yummy though... :)




Ever wonder what people listen to at the gym? Everyone walks around with scowls on their faces like they're listening to some real hardcore shit. This is what I was listening to:

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Day 4!


Oof, I slept in this morning. My partner got home late Tuesday night after quite an ordeal. He works 2-week shifts, working 12 hrs a day, and the weather prevented him from catching a helicopter so instead he had to do this:



And then ride on a boat for 7-8 hrs, take a bus for about 3, and then drive 3 hours home. Needless to say, he was beat. Anyway, back to why I missed my workout. Last night we were laying in bed discussing life, dreaming about vacations, talking about our move coming up over the weekend thru Monday. It was time well spent with someone I haven't really been able to talk for for 2 weeks, but my alarm was quite rude when it went off this morning so I snoozed that sucker. Running << quality time spent with partner.



P: 165 (103%)

F: 58 (91%)

C: 306 (106%)

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Day 5!



Arnold press -20lbsx(8,7,6)reps, 12.5lbsx12

DB front raise - 10 lbsx6repsx3sets, 5lbsx12

Side lateral raise - 10lbsx6repsx3sets, 5lbsx12

Bent over rear fly - 12.5lbsx8repsx3sets, 7.5lbsx12

Plank - 1 min attempts x3sets

Standing Oblique crunch - 15lbsx15repseachx3sets

    ^ not sure what exactly to call this, but it's just holding weight in opposite hand, bending away from the weight laterally.


We got keys last night!!!! So now we can finally start moving. I think tonight we're just going to relax and do some small packing. I'm supposed to run a 10k tomorrow but I might skip it because it starts at 9:20 AM and that's late. I won't be out of there and useful again until at least 11 AM.


I'm expecting my macros to be kind of insane for the next few days while we move, but I'll still try to track as much as possible. I'm not really going to stress about it because that's life.



P: 161 (101%)

F: 69 (108%)

C: 304 (106%)


It's hard to track food from restaurants, but I think I did my best. Even included the fortune cookie I ate :)


10k in the morning. My goals for this are to run faster than 59:15 and successfully avoid my super creepy boss.

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Day 6 - Moving day 1


I ran the 10k this morning, 1hr 26 seconds. They had a fake-out finish line for the 5k and I went all out and then was like, "oh wait, I have to run MOAR?" 


And then the move started... I had high aspirations of trying to track my macros but I really doubt that's going to happen. It's just not the best use of my time right now. Plus it's going to be really inaccurate anyway because I'm eating out a lot and estimating. So I'm just going to eat when I'm hungry and basically eat what I want. I'm certainly being a lot more active than I am on a normal weekend, so the extra calories won't go to waste.

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Okay so we're finally moved!! Cats are moved, too, but they're not very happy about it.


Day 7 - moar moving, less macro counting

Day 8 - actual moving day with the movers. Took them 2 hrs only!!

Day 9 - TODAY!! Planning to run this afternoon. Counting macros again but of course, I forgot my banana this morning. Now my oatmeal is sad oatmeal. More later!!


--- Macros ---

P: 135g (84%)

F: 74g (116%)

C: 270 (94%)


Not bad on the eating considering 2/3 meals were eaten out. I did my best on estimating what I ate.



Update: I did run 2 miles last night with 5 mins warm up, and 10 mins cool down. I learned two things: I absolutely hate the gym at 5 pm. Hate. Hate. Hate. And I also hate running in the afternoon because I was still digesting my lunch and that's just unpleasant. Burping, cramping, ugh. No thanks.

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ARRGGHH moving is so terrible, I am going to stay at my current residence for a couple of years just to avoid moving....maybe longer for that same reason (I might just stay here till I can afford a house) I agree with running < quality time with mate. Congrats on the 10k, that's faster than I could do it


^^^that would be me

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Day 10!



Pullups (assisted): 6, 5, 5, 4

One-arm DB Row: 30lbsx(8,7,6)reps, 22.5lbsx12reps

Seated Cable Row: 75lbsx(8,7,6)reps, 60lbsx12reps

Lat pulldown: 70lbsx(8,7,6), 55lbsx12

DB Curl: 15lbsx8,7,6, 10lbsx12reps

Cable Curl: 35lbsx6repsx3sets, 24lbsx12reps


My reps are 8-6, so I try to get to 8 reps for all 3 sets before I add more weight.


Today will be the first day of eating mostly food I prepare. Dinner tonight is supposed to be some kind of chicken and quinoa concoction (mad scientist style!)



P: 163 (102%)

F: 59 (92%)

C: 285 (99%)


Alright folks! I have a semi-recipe for you. I modified it from this Beef Teriyaki Recipe:

1/2 cup soy sauce (this was too much, need less in the future)

1 TBSP Sriracha (we have that red chili paste)

3 TBSP honey

1 tsp sesame oil

1/2 tsp fish sauce

I sprinkled some random ginger and garlic in there as well because I was too lazy to use real garlic.


I made some quinoa and threw a random bag of frozen veggies in there as well.

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Day 12!



Arnold Press: 20lbsx(8,8,6)reps, 15lbsx10reps

DB Front Raise: 10lbsx6repsx3sets, 5x12 reps (who stole the other 7.5lb weight?!?!)

DB Side Lateral Raise: 10lbsx6repsx3sets, 5lbsx12reps

Bent-over rear fly: 15lbsx8repsx3sets, 10lbsx12reps


Inch-worms: 3 lengths of the workout class room (maybe I should have counted how many cycles? I don't know)

Obliques: 15 reps x3 sets (these were lying on my back, reach down with my right hand to touch my right ankle, repeat on left)


I'm not sure if it was the inch worms, the shoulder workout, or if I just slept wrong but my neck is pretty sore now. I started noticing it when I was doing the inch worms but that doesn't necessarily mean they caused it. So... advil time!



P: 134 (84%)

F: 99 (155%)

C: 343 (119%)


I said as long as I stayed within =/- 20% of my macros, I was good. Well I definitely blew out the fat but I stayed barely within the limits on protein and carbs. It was a celebration night - first weekend in the new place. We went to a nice restaurant and you better believe I ordered the rabbit pot pie. And caramel ice cream :P

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Day 13: oof

"Active" rest day = organizing, unpacking, getting settled. Actually, we had a great morning and rode our bikes to the local coffee shop for an egg sandwich on a croissant and a latte. Yum. Except, sometimes coffee doesn't agree with me and it was one of those mornings... That night we went to a Dynamo game for free (courtesy of the empty company suite).


--- Macros ---

Protein: 144 (90%)

Fat: 67 (105%)

Carbs: 218 (76%) uh oh


Day 14: oof again.

Daylight savings time is a bitch. And I made some pretty poor choices including an epic burrito with lots of dr pepper and chips. It pretty much filled me up for the rest of the day and I didn't eat much in the way of dinner. I did have a kind of random 6 mile run. There's a trail near the house that I decided to investigate but it only went north about 1.5 miles before it was closed from construction, so I turned around, ran south of the house and did a loop through some neighborhoods. By the time I made it back to the house my watch said 5.5 miles, so I just kept running until I got to my 6 and then started my cool down. And then it was like 6:45 PM. Huh? What happened to time?


--- Macros ---

P: 123 (77%) uh oh

F: 128 (200%) ouch

C: 399 (139%) damn you dr pepper! y u be so tasty!

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Day 15: Determined to be better!



Pushups - 3 wide-leg, 10 knee, 1 wide-leg, 10 knee, 8 knee

DB Bench - 225.lbsx6repsx3sets, 15lbsx12reps

DB Flye - 15lbsx8repsx3sets, 10lbsx12reps

Tricep pushup (from knees) - 7, 6, 5

Skull crushers - 15lbsx8repsx3sets, 10lbsx12reps

Tricep cable pushdown - 50lbsx(8,6,6reps), 40lbsx12reps


For whatever reason, it was one of those mornings when the gym is ransacked. There were no 17.5lbs weights and only one 20lbs weight. This was great for bench press because I upped my weight to 22.5 out of necessity. However, I needed the 17.5lbs for the DB Flye and I'm pretty sure that 22.5 would be too heavy and there weren't any 20s. Grrrr.


--- Macros ---

P: 128 (80%)

F: 108 (169%)

C: 203 (70%)


According to CalorieCount, the short ribs are pretty low in protein and high in fat, but I'm not sure that's true. While they are pretty fatty, they don't seem like normal ribs, more like a pot roast texture. But oh well. I also felt really sick in the afternoon yesterday so I really just didn't feel like eating.


However, I did forget my yogurt (afternoon snack), so perhaps I'll eat dinner early when I get home tonight and then have some yogurt and honey for dessert before bed.

I did end up eating ribs and sweet potatoes for dinner and then some yogurt, cereal, and honey about an hour later.

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Oooh! I forgot my recipe from yesterday. It was my partner's birthday so we had a meal of his choice. Which happened to be Slower Cooker Short Ribs. We've made this recipe before and had some success but we found that it wasn't enough leftovers with the bones taking up space. So we bought boneless ribs this time around. I also fail at making grocery lists and we didn't have scallions, meh. We used soy sauce instead of coconut aminos because that's what we had. Really simple recipe for really delicious results. I sauteed some spinach and mushrooms as well. And for dessert we had this Sweet Potato Crisp. We've made this one before but probably not for a few years. The original recipe calls for 1 cup of white sugar with the sweet potatoes and I found that to be waaaaaay too much, especially with the sugary topping. The reviewers on that site agree, and I left out the sugar this time. I'm also lazy and just used 3 sweet potatoes because... what am I going to do with some random sweet potato left over? Eat it! Might as well throw it in anyway. Yesterday sucked because we lost an hour, so I microwaved the sweet potatoes to save time. Yes. Something that takes 1.5 hrs in the oven takes about 7 minutes in the microwave with pretty similar results.


My phone camera is pretty ghetto but perhaps I'll snap some pics of my leftovers today at lunch.

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Day: 16!


I had a great treadmill workout this morning. Walking @ 3.5 mph for 5 minutes, then running @ 6.0 mph for 5 minutes. Then I started hauling ass and all I remember is that I ran a mile in 8:21. That is a new PR for me so that's awesome. Then I ran again @ 6.0 mph for 5 minutes and walked again for 5 minutes @ 3.5mph. Overall it was a good workout given I had limited time.


Macros should be better today because I'm pretty much done with those short ribs. They're yummy but I've eaten them for 4 meals in the last 2 days, ugh.


--- Macros ---

P: 145 (91%)

F: 61 (95%)

C: 286 (99%)


AWWWW YEAAAH!!! Pretty pleased with that considering the last couple of days of yo-yo-ing. Getting back into the groove and hitting those macros!

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