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Wow, a lot has happened.  Mac-and-cheese-loving fiance and I broke up, and I moved back to the rainy part of the country and went back to school.  It's getting close enough to the point where I'm getting pretty severe anxiety when I think about applying for the master's program I need.  What does this have to do with eating?  I guess discipline?


Okay, <_ <  > _> personal stuff.  I'm a veteran of both the military and 12 years of Catholic school (and 9 months as a vegan).  Last semester I took chemistry and biology and managed to pull a 4.0 out of my irritable butt.  I've got discipline.  Yeah, yeah, having not doing.  I was getting to that part.

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Here we go.  I'd like to say I have no excuses, but that's kind of the problem.  I have a roommate, the VA won't answer my emails (dude, I'm literally applying to volunteer, free labor!), and there's life.  Discipline is keeping me from throwing the fan out the window.  Relax, I'm on the first floor.  Before I start any cool, clever challenges, I need to not crash every time I run out of fuel.

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