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Nuclear Launch Detected!! workout journal

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NF I thought I would start this to keep track of my progress and how I feel before, during and after each workout and get my thoughts on paper.


Commentary is not required however I will be very thankful if anyone feels the need to stroke my ego :tongue: or... teach me a few things :)


First off today was beyond boring! Nothing happened at work... We had safety meetings and I filled a water tank but other than that I really had nothing to do but watch tv and study. Due to lack of things to occupy my time I downloaded and installed Starcraft II. I may have been slaughtered mercilessly by a 10 year old but safe to say I'm hooked!!!! Love the game. 


Part of my new found love comes from the little blonde with the bfg (big f'in gun): Nova Terra. Safe to say I want to be a ghost <<< note to self: ask if that is an assassin/ranger cross? 

She's hot, gritty, full of attitude and an all over bad ass. I already am blonde and a serious gun girl; lacking however in spandex body suit.


Well started my workout at 19:00 MST and realized post warm up that I made a huge error ! I laced up my Nike's and started my jumping jacks without a plan!


Things went terrible... To say the least! I got through the first bit before I realized I was going nowhere, fast.

10 jump squats

10 burpees

5 push ups as a circuit X3.... Now what?!


Very much glad I workout alone and not at a gym. Imagine if I had been taking up a squat rack with that colossal waste of time; someone would have been pissed!!


I forced myself not to give up and instead start over, picking the number 50, a pen, and a notepad in the process.


I came up with something I can work with:


1000 jump rope skips

50 push ups   <<<Pushups: went meh (last set had 3 knee push ups).

50 crunches   <<< The crunches did nothing

50 reverse crunches   <<<< Reverse crunches buy the last set almost brought me to tears.

50 jump squats <<<Jump squats and burpees were disappointing. I wanted to cheat myself, not jump high or slow down instead of pushing through hard!!!

50 burpees                       ^^^

50 sec plank

50 sec side plank each side <<<   When it came to the torturous side planks I was glad they were over.

 All broken down over a 5 set circuit


Tomorrow make sure to hit the back, handstand and traps :) Also, find that case study that states why women should train the back of their bodies twice as much as the front for proper posture and knee health! Remind yourself to work on that back and those glutes!



Edit: woke up this morning with some soreness all over :) can't wait for more!!!


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Back again from today's workout :) still coming down from the high! Started with my plan and came, saw conquered. 


The whole motivation for today was to get hungry, goal wise!!! The last few reps of every set are where we learn about how strong we are! I honestly come up with the most cheesey of motivational lines when I wanna push through something.


I actually upped my reps today to 55 instead of 50 so it was 11 reps per set of everything and 55 second planks. The skips too I added up to 1050 though I should do 1250 tomorrow.


210 skips: I lost count alot today probably did way more than I think

5x11 pushups: went better today since I had my plan! Loving the last few reps and really having to dig deep to get them done without using my knees!!! <3

5x11 crunches: seriously I need to find a sub for this exercise or swap it out for something with lats!

5x11 reverse crunches: o sweet baby Jesus are these things ever hard especially around the 40-50 mark!

5x11 jump squats: glutes, hammies and cardio all rolled into one explosive movement... Body F#$*ers for sure

5x11 burpees: made sure to push hard and not stop. The legs are not very fond of jump squats rolled straight into burpees but that's the point.


Full body stretch from the top down held for 90 seconds each and 120 for the calves, hamstrings and glutes as they were very tight.


Motivation for today was: DON'T GET DISCOURAGED: GET HUNGRY! Also, I'm starting to think of the person I want to be when I'm eventually wearing our country's uniform. The type of person that an officer wants to lead. The person who gets back up and keeps going. Nobody wants the girl who did the minimum on their team as the medic. They want the one who put in the time and worked for the maximum and wasn't happy until they did!



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Back again for workout number 3!


I did the same workout as yesterday only I upped the skips to 250. Next time though I think I will skip for a certain duration (2-3 min) because I seem to keep loosing count as I get tired.


5x11 pushups: NO KNEES TODAY BABAH!!!!!!! YUP 55 without my knees!! Tomorrow 60! (for the record these are military pushups)

5x11 crunches: Decided to keep these in anyways.

5x11 reverse crunches: Little easier (I don't think I am getting stronger, just more numb)

5x11 jump squats

5x11 Burpees: have to push through and not slow down!


I'm thinking I am finally in the right mind to start keeping track of what I eat, my calories and my macros. For some time I was fighting anorexia and I fear that seeing it all laid out in front of me may start to trigger that again. I am seriously hoping that because my goal is not scale related it shouldn't be a problem. Knowing this... I can not have a goal that involves a number on a scale, or a bf% anytime soon. I need to focus on performance based goals rather than looking a specific way.










~Medic TWO


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Well happy friday!


I think I finally get to go home for a day tomorrow :) before being trapped in the boredom that is my life. 


I upped everything to 60 reps so 12 reps/set and held a back bend for 45 seconds. I also tried handstand work but with my arms weak from pushups... well I crashed. Note to self: Do handstand work in the AM when fresh!!!!


I'm due for tomorrow being a rest day so maybe just an ipod dance party in my room, some stretching and going over some of my Muay Thai.


5x12 circuit went well though I feel like I'm not eating enough. My body wants more food and more carbs (brain is foggy).




I'll probably edit this with more info tomorrow when I'm not tired


Level 0 Human Medic

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